What is a Computer Technician?

The definition of “What is a Computer Technician” from Wikipedia is shown below.

what is a computer technician

When asking what is a computer technician it does also depend upon the work that the technician does and who he or she works for.

Computer technicians usually work within a company, have their own business or work for a computer repair business.  No matter who a computer technician works for the skills and knowledge that they require are very high.

The skills and abilities of a computer technician working within a company do however differ from mobile computer technicians that serve the general public as well as small to medium businesses.

Computer Technician within an IT Department

A computer technician based in an IT department of a corporation or company will need a greater level of knowledge relating to computer networks.  Often they can be very sophisticated networks.  He or she will also have a very good knowledge of the IT requirements of the business that they work.  They will also understand the needs of the employees of that business.

mobile computer repairer

Local or Mobile Computer Technician

An IT technician working as a local repairer will have a more diverse set of skills and knowledge base.  It’s not to say that your local computer technician is not as expert as a technician employed by a large corporation.  The skill base is different.  Yet the skills needed are still extremely high.

When working for the general public in order to be successful the person needs to be both a PC technician as well as a laptop technician.  They also need to have a really good knowledge of Apple computers.

A skilled computer repairer needs to be on the ball regarding both hardware and software issues.  They need to keep up with changes and new technology.  There is a huge amount of information that a repairer needs to have.  Without this they will not be able to run a successful business.  Nor would they stay employed!

pc technician

Where do you find a Good Computer Technician?

It can be extremely hard to find a good computer technician.  The knowledge and abilities of a good technician is very high.  Often though the income earned does often not align with the high level of skills.  Thus over time this has become a less popular choice of job for local technicians.  In-house technicians usually have a higher earning capacity.  Therefore this is a more attractive proposition for some computer experts.

The rapidly changing and ever evolving nature of technology makes it difficult to find a good technician.  Generalising, the more mature technicians can find their knowledge base cannot keep up.  On the other hand younger technicians can often not have the background understanding of technology.  This information is important in being able to troubleshoot IT problems.  Whilst this is generalising, the fact remains that expert computer technicians are few and far between.

Thus if you do find a good computer technician make sure you carefully store away their contact details. You can be assured that you will need their services again.  Whether it be in 6 months to 2 years…

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