Macbooks, iMac, Notebooks and Laptop Screen Replacements

Windows LCD and Apple Mac Screen Replacements

We can replace most LCD screens on Windows (including Lenovo, HP, ASUS, Acer, Toshiba and Dell), iMacs and Apple Mac laptops and notebooks.  We do not do Microsoft Surface/ Surface Pro, Android tablet,  iPad or mobile phone screen replacements.

Cost of Screen Replacement

As there are so many different screen types in use, we need to know the make, model number and serial number of your computer in order for us to provide you with a quote for the cost to undertake your screen replacement.  The cost for screen replacement is dependent upon the display size, the resolution and the availability of the different types of screens and also whether or not it is a touch screen.

Display Size and Resolution – Impact on Screen Replacement Cost

All screens sizes are given in a diagonal measurement. This is the measurement from the lower screen corner to the opposite upper corner of the screen, and is normally measured in inches. This will typically be the actually visible display area.  In some cases, we may need the actual part or serial number of the display panel to ensure that we order the correct replacement screen for your computer, requiring the removal of the display panel.

The most common display size currently in use on Windows-based machines is 15.6 inches, with a range of different screen or “native” resolutions.  Higher resolution displays allow for greater detail in a particular image and are often referred to as either “high definition” (HD) 1366×768 / 720p, “full high definition” (FHD) 1920×1080 / 1080p, “quad high definition” (QHD) 2160×1440 / 2k or “ultra high definition” (UHD) 4k.  Some display panels are also optimised for use with 3D glasses.  The higher the screen or native resolution, the more expensive the replacement display panel is likely to be.

Availability of Screens – Impact on Screen Replacement Cost

Leaving display resolution aside, screen size is another factor impacting on the availability and cost of screen replacements.  Sizes ranging from 12, 13.3, 14, 16  and 17.3 inches are often used along with a range of different screen resolutions.   As these sizes are less-common, compared to the 15.6 inch mentioned earlier, and are often found in convertible / hybrid or “2-in-1” machines  (commonly using 12, 13.3 or 14 inch displays) or gaming and desktop replacement laptops (for 16 and 17.3 inch displays), you can often expect the screen replacement to be higher as both replacement screens and labour will be higher.

Touch Screen – Impact on Screen Replacement Cost

Does your computer have a touch screen display panel?  If so, you can expect that this will have a significant impact on the cost of screen replacement.  Irrespective of the type of touch screen technology employed (resistive, capacitive (surface or projected), surface acoustical wave (SAW), or infrared (IR), this technology carries a significant price premium over a non-touch display.

Apple Mac Screen Replacement Cost

If you have a Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, your screen sizes range from 11 and 13 inch (Air), 12 inch (MacBook) or 13,15 and 17 inch (MacBook Pro).  If you have a 13 or 15 inch MacBook Pro (late 2012 or later, ie. one without an optical drive) then you have one of the newer generation devices that comes with Retina display. Unfortunately, along with the improvement in technology comes a higher price to repair and replace a damaged screen. To identify your particular MacBook model look for the 4 digit EMC number or your serial number.

iMac Screen Replacements

If you have a post-2011 model iMac (21.5 or 27 inch) requiring a screen replacement, we are experienced in this risky task and do quality work.

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