Managed IT Services Brisbane Businesses

Managed IT Services Brisbane

Where would your business be today without IT, having become such a core component for business large and small on many fronts across many industries? If you’d like to gain reliability, uptime, responsiveness & security into your business IT environment then our Managed IT Services Brisbane could be for you.

Managed IT Services Provided For Brisbane Businesses

Being part of our Managed IT Services will provide you with the following:-

– Proactive Monitoring & Maintenance

– Enterprise Grade Backup and Offsite Backup Solutions

– Best Practice Cyber Security

– IT Strategy & Consulting

Proactive Monitoring & Maintenance

For our Managed IT Services clients we have our monitoring running 24/7 so we can identify issues before they become serious problems.  Whilst we can’t stop everything. there are a lot of items which can be identified which will save costly downtime and an interruption to your business, we can plan for others to ensure the quickest possible recovery back to normal operating conditions.

Enterprise Grade Backup & Offsite Backup Solutions

Everybody has some form of Anti-virus / Internet security and knows about ‘scam’ emails these days.  However, the problem we face is that the “bad guys” are always one step ahead and all the security vendors are playing catch up.  This means there is always a chance you can find yourself victim to ransomware, malicious attacks or even rogue employees.  The absolute best protection to recover from these incidents is a strong backup solution which gets regularly verified (not just for failures, but for success and integrity) along with secure offsite storage.  Think of this as the backstop for your business, we treat this as one of the most important pieces of our Managed IT Service offering and have developed customised solutions to ensure we know when your backups run, don’t run, succeed, fail or anything in between.

Best Practice Cyber Security

With new Data Breach notification laws and some very clever threats making the rounds, it’s important to keep your data safe (and your employees / customers).  It can be quite a costly exercise both in regards to your brand and potential fines from the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) should your business not have reasonable protections in place.  With our Managed IT Brisbane Business Services you can rest easy as we have security at the forefront of our offering. We have staff trained in offensive security who are able to think like an attacker and provide some great strategies and products which will minimize the current risks you’ll be facing on a daily basis.

IT Strategy & Consulting

By engaging our Managed IT Services, we will become a partner to your business and help with the decisions that can drive your business from a technology standpoint.  We are involved with a lot of different industry and products and this allows us to bring a big picture viewpoint on areas which could help drive your business.  It may be a new software package, custom software, cloud services, collaboration etc.  You’ll have regular virtual CIO catchups with one of our Managed IT Services account managers and we can bring these insights to the table.  Overall if you’re looking for a more reliable, responsive and future driven IT environment, then give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

Other Business IT Services

In addition to our Managed IT Services for Brisbane Businesses, we also provide other essential IT services for businesses.

Onsite Business IT Services (Installations, Maintenance, and Repairs)
Need repairs carried out at your business premises? No problem.  We provide IT support to businesses based all around inner Brisbane, South Brisbane, and North Brisbane – really anywhere within a 45 minute radius of Brisbane.

Remote Business IT Support (Remote support)
We can get your repairs underway fast with our remote support tool.  Within minutes we can be giving you some assistance remotely and getting your computer repairs underway.

IT Audits (Health Check your IT)
Often, no one really knows what’s lurking behind the scenes when it comes to your IT environment and an audit is the perfect way to lift the curtains and get a detailed overview of how things are currently operating and how well you positioned to carry into the future.

Cyber Security Consultation, Audits and Services
Cyber security is an ever evolving field and it’s important to keep up with current trends and threats.  Whether you need help to overcome a specific industry challenge, or would like an Audit conducted to check for any security gaps or areas with for improvement, we’ll be happy to assist.  Whether it’s next generation firewalls or email spoofing protection, we can help you stay on top of the game.

Cloud Migrations and Support
Jumping on the Cloud bandwagon?  We’ve helped hundreds of businesses make the move and would love to help you take advantage of the benefits cloud has to offer.  It’s not for everyone but we can give you an honest appraisal if it’s right for your business.

Cloud-based PBX and VoIP Services
Are you paying big money for your phone / PABX services?  We can provide you with systems which can save some big dollars (up to 70% in some cases), which coupled with our amazing customer service provides for a great experience.  Our team are all Australian and will not have you waiting endlessly before you get to speak to one of our team.  Our Cloud PBX platform can help with your mobile workforce being able to use a handset or softphone from anywhere with an internet connection.  Yes, we do all the usual Hunt groups, Agent groups, Voicemail to Email, Digital Receptionist, etc, but we like to make the difference with our service and relationship to our customers.  Drop us a line or give us a call to find out more.

Business Grade Connectivity
Struggling with slow speeds or internet that drops out regularly?  A business grade solution could be the right option for your business.  With guaranteed speeds, response times and service levels it can help take your business to new heights and keep those cloud and communication services running.  Enquire now to see what services are available for your business.

IT Services for Brisbane Businesses

Whether you are interested in our Managed IT Services for Brisbane businesses or our other important business IT services, just give us a call (3397 1215 or 0409 974 707) or send us an email and we would be very happy to talk to you, find our your requirements and advice how our services can help you run your business better and more profitably with a smooth, reliable IT system.

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