Usage of the Internet

Facts and Figures on Usage of the Internet

Of the 7 billion people on earth, over 2 billion use the Internet on a weekly basis.

It was estimated in 2012 that approximately 17 billion devices (which includes computers, mobiles and tablets) connected to the Internet.

Well over a half of the regular web population resides in some part of Asia.  Not surprisingly, there are a growing number of web pages in Asian languages.

English is still the predominant web language.

70+ hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube every minute of the day.

It is estimated that there are currently around 600 million websites on the net.

Every hour there are approximately 4,200 new domain names registered which equates to around 37 million per year.

Apple’s iTunes store and Google’s Play store both claim to have over 800,000 apps each.

Different Countries Usage of the Internet

Sweden has the highest percentage of internet users, at 75%.

American are number one in the world for the most people who simultaneously use the net and watch TV.

Usage of the Internet by School Children

High school students spend an average of six times as many hours on the internet than they do on homework.

Most high schoolers are online for about 30 hours per week.

Note:  this information has been sourced from multiple locations on the net and may not be 100% accurate.

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Usage of the Internet

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