What Harm Can Malware Do?

From Minor to Disaster…

We are a computer repair business in Brisbane and a large proportion of our work is malware removal.  Thus we are only too aware of what harm malware can do from only a little disruption to your computer operation through to causing extensive damage and money loss.

The Worst Damage

Probably the worst damage that malware can do to an individual user is to obtain your banking details, credit card numbers and passwords and use them or sell them to a third party.  The information is used to drain your bank account or fraudulently run up bills on your credit account.

Loss of Files, Data and Programs

Malicious software can destroy, delete and corrupt your files, data, software programs and even your hard drive.  For individual users, small business and large corporations with massive networks this can mean a complete breakdown and loss of vital information.

malware harmUses Up Memory

As malware more often than not send and receives information from your computer or network to a remote system it will slow down your connect and can use up for internet allowance.  Another way that malware uses up memory and slows your computer is because it is always running in the background – you can often detect tis too by the fact that your hard drive is overworking, even when your machine is idle.

Time and Money

Secondly malware costs you time and money.  Time because you are more often than not able to work or play on your computer until the infection is removed.  Money because you will often need malware to be removed by a computer repair specialist.

what harm can malware do brisbaneDisrupts your Computer Operation

Forced advertising – one form of malware – results in frequently and very irritating advertising pop-ups occurring on your machine which hinder your use of your computer – or even completely halt your ability to use your computer.

Another annoying result of malware can be the redirection of your browser taking you to websites that you didn’t choose to go to, more often than not advertising websites trying to obtain sales from you.

Changes your browser settings or even changes your default browser or home page.  Browser hijacking software can really hinder your use of your computer by changing your toolbars, search bars etc generally making it too difficult for you to effectively use the net.

Freeze your Computer

Ransomeware is a form of malware that freezes your machine providing a threatening message that unless your pay a ransom you will not be able to access your computer again.  There is no point in paying the ransom as it is highly unlikely that the malware will be removed.  Should your machine become infected by ramsomeware usually your only option is to have the malware removed by an experienced computer technician.

What harm can malware do

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What Harm Can Malware Do?

If you do have some form of malware on your computer you may want to know about our malware removal service.



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