How to Avoid Windows 10 Updates

Windows 10 Updates Are you one of many seeking to find out how to avoid Windows 10 updates? Unfortunately we are sorry to say that with Windows 10 you cannot avoid updates from Microsoft. You can delay them for a while but not for ever… This “feature” was built into Windows 10. Updates in Previous […]

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Ins and Outs of Computer Speakers

This article provides the ins and outs of computer speakers as at May 2017.  It includes information such as the price, the different types, advantages and disadvantages, sound quality and even some history and finally an odd titbit of information about headphones in France. Connections of Different Computer Speakers Most computer speakers have an internal […]

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Can I Buy a New Computer with Windows 7?

Microsoft Official Declaration October 2016 As of 31st October 2016 Microsoft officially declared Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 dead, at least as far as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) PC makers are concerned.  This has resulted in it becoming increasingly difficult to obtain a new computer with Windows 7. From the 1st November 2016 Microsoft’s largest […]

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Computer Keyboards

History of Computer Keyboards Computer keyboards are a typewriter style device which uses an electrical switch to record the key hit. They developed from the typewriter via teleprinters and keypunches. In the early 1870’s teleprinter like devices were used to transmit stock market data from the keyboard to stock ticker machines. The teleprinter was developed in […]

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Easy Way to Use Teamviewer

Easy Way to Use Teamviewer Teamviewer is an excellent piece of software to enable a connection from your computer to another computer anywhere in the World as long as it is on the Internet. It is easy to use and easy to install.  The instructions below are clearly written for those that are looking for […]

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How to Install an Epson Printer / Scanner (Wi-Fi)

Install an Epson Printer Step By Step Instructions If you have just recently purchased and want to install an Epson Printer/Scanner to your computer then the information provided below will assist you.  This information is relevant and accurate as at April 2017. This is a general article on how to install an Epson Printer / […]

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How to Find a Product Key

How to Find a Product key for Your OS or Applications There are many different ways to find a product key for operating systems or applications / computer software. Find a Product Key for Windows There are several programs which will find your Windows or program product keys, serial licences or install numbers so that […]

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SSD Care – 7 Things Not to Do with a SSD

Seven Things Not to Do with  Solid State Drive (SSD) Difference Between SSDs and HDDs In order to understand SSD care and why certain things should not be done to an SSD it is firstly necessary to understand the difference between SSDs and HHDs. Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) Up until about 5 years ago the […]

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Types of Backups 2017

Importance of Backups There are many different options and types of backups, but firstly a quick reminder of how important backups are. “To Backup or not to Backup; that is the question” as Shakespeare could have said if he were alive today. There are two types of people in the world today; those that have […]

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Blue Screen of Death – BSOD Help Has your Microsoft Windows computer suffered from the Blue Screen of Death or better know as the BSOD?  If it has then you may be fed up of the computer crashing and then rebooting, with the now familiar blue screen with white writing.  Typically the blue screen stays […]

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