SSD Care – 7 Things Not to Do with a SSD

Seven Things Not to Do with  Solid State Drive (SSD) Difference Between SSDs and HDDs In order to understand SSD care and why certain things should not be done to an SSD it is firstly necessary to understand the difference between SSDs and HHDs. Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) Up until about 5 years ago the […]

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Types of Backups 2017

Importance of Backups There are many different options and types of backups, but firstly a quick reminder of how important backups are. “To Backup or not to Backup; that is the question” as Shakespeare could have said if he were alive today. There are two types of people in the world today; those that have […]

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Blue Screen of Death – BSOD Help Has your Microsoft Windows computer suffered from the Blue Screen of Death or better know as the BSOD?  If it has then you may be fed up of the computer crashing and then rebooting, with the now familiar blue screen with white writing.  Typically the blue screen stays […]

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Desktop OS Market Share 2017

Desktop Operating System Market Share January 2017 Today we have Windows 10 which has been out on the market since 1st August 2015 so 18 months later let’s take a look at where it is in terms of desktop os market share according to a company called By typing “Windows 10 sucks” and using […]

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Windows 10 Not Booting – Error Message BOOTMGR is Missing

If you have a problem with Windows 10 not booting you may see at some stage the following error messages: “BOOTMGR is missing – Press Ctrl Alt Del to restart” “BOOTMGR is missing – Press any key to restart” “Couldn’t find BOOTMGR” What this means is the special partition Microsoft sets up on your Hard […]

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Outlook Not Working?

Is Your Microsoft Outlook Not Working? If you are having problems with your emails, Outlook not working properly or its slow in loading then it’s time to get to work to fix it. Outlook is the default Desktop mail Client for most people and to them you click the outlook (Orange or Blue) button and […]

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Uninstall Windows 10

Looking to Uninstall Windows 10? For whatever reason, you may want to remove Windows 10 from your computer.  We get asked about this all the time/  We also understand the many reasons people cite for making the request… “How do I uninstall Windows 10 from my system and go back to Windows 7?”  Below are […]

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Solid State Drives and Hard Disk Drives

SSD vs HDD Generally – on a $  per Gb basis –  SSDs (solid state drives) are around five times* the price of HDDs – so are the newer technologies and performance of the SSDs really worth that much extra? For the purposes of this article, the term SSD will also include mSATA and M.2 […]

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How Long Do Macs Last?

How Long Can You Expect an Apple Mac Computer to Last? How long do Macs last is a very interesting question in todays market.  Traditionally the longevity of Apple Macs has always been considered by many consumers to be Apple’s strength over PCs running successive versions of Microsoft’s Windows operating system, but is this still […]

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Everyday Computer Problems

2015 Everyday Computer Problems Affordable Computer Repairs and Service provide computer repairs Brisbane southside and northside.  During the time of our business we have repaired and advised many Brisbane residents regarding their computer problems and IT needs.  We have found that some computer problems are more common, what we refer to as everyday computer problems. […]

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