Internet Users in Australia

Latest Survey Results on Internet Users in Australia A recent study (March 2017) undertaken by Roy Morgan Research and RMIT University quantifies the magnitude of internet users in Australia currently and also over the previous four years from 2014.  The findings of the study are provided for different geographic areas as well as according to […]

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Mac Repairs Mount Gravatt

Apple Repairs Mount Gravatt Have you just searched “Mac Repairs Mount Gravatt/” and are looking for expert and trustworthy Mac repairs in the Mount Gravatt area?  We are highly experienced Apple Mac repairers located just 10  minutes drive north of you in Coorparoo via Logan and Cavendish Roads. Types of Mac Repairs We repair all […]

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Australian Use of the Internet at Home

Internet Capable Devices People Use at Home  From the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2014-2015 and the Use of Information Technology in the Home report, there is an increase in Australian’s use of the internet and internet devices. The number of households with Internet access rose from 83% in 2012-13 to 86% in 2014-15.  Today the […]

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What to Look For in a Computer?

Which Computer to Buy? In 2017 when asking what to look for in a computer we have so many different choices at much lower prices than ever before.  So let us start by looking at what is now the typical computer in the home? Types of Computers 2017 PCs, Laptops and All-In-One Computers Over the […]

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Malware on Apple Computers

Do Macs Get Malware? Unfortunately malware on Apple computers is now becoming far more common.  This article is provided by Affordable Computer Repairs in Brisbane who are experienced in Mac virus removal and hence knowledgeable about the ins and outs of Apple viruses and malware on Apple computers. Are Mac’s More Secure Than a Microsoft Windows Computer? The […]

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The Computer Mouse – Today and Yesterday

The Computer Mouse This article has been written by Affordable Computer Repairs and Service based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.  The purpose of this article on The Computer Mouse is to provide you with all you need to know about the mouse –  the history up to today. The Computer Mouse History As most people know the […]

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When it comes to navigating around your desktop, what’s your preference: using a trackpad,  a trackball or a mouse?   …….. or are you really a fan of the touch screen and like the idea of using a stylus?  In the end, don’t they all achieve the same outcome and complement they keyboard in a similar […]

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The Ins and Outs of Trackpads

Trackpads Or Touchpads This article provides you with the ins and outs of trackpads from basic information through to current features of trackpads. Basic Information on Trackpads A trackpad (which is also known as a touchpad) originally started out life on laptops (notebooks), but their application is now more widespread.  It is a device used […]

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Good Free Antivirus?

Free Antivirus VS Paid Antivirus I often get asked if there are any good free antivirus programs.  Generally free antivirus programs can vary as much as paid programs and as such they can offer different qualities of protection. There are literally dozens of free antivirus programs out there which can be downloaded as well as the […]

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Computer Repair Reviews

Brisbane Computer Repair Business with Highly Rated Reviews As a successful computer repairs business we have over the years received many very complementary reviews from customers.  Having a large number of positive computer repair reviews both recent and older reviews we believe has been instrumental in generating more business for us. We are a Brisbane based […]

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