Most Common Computer Problems

Here at Affordable Computer Repairs and Service, we have found that some computer problems are more common than others amongst our clients. For your interest, below we list the everyday common computer problems that our customers have recently contacted us about.  After each problem is listed we have provided the most common solutions – or the easiest solutions that may apply to that particular problem.

We have also provided links to pages on our website which relate to the specific problems that you may have. We hope that this information will be of use to you and you can always contact us regarding any common computer problems you may have.

Top Ten Common Computer Problems

1. Computer won’t turn on

Check to see if the power cable is plugged in and the switch is turned on. Don’t laugh – we often see this issue as the cable has been accidentally removed from the powerpoint. If this doesn’t work, try another powerpoint.

2. The computer screen is blank

There are several options here:
a) The computer is in “sleep” or “hibernation” mode – try clicking the mouse or the enter key, or pressing the on/off button for a few seconds
b) Press the on/off button for 10+ seconds and then turn on again in the usual way
c) For desktop computers, check if the monitor has power and is turned on
d) Check if the monitor data cable is attached to the monitor and the computer
e) If the desktop computer has been moved, check that all cables have been attached to the correct places
f) Check a desktop with another monitor or TV

3. Windows or MacOS won’t boot

Depending on the version of Windows you have (Windows Vista, 7 and 8/8.1), try booting into Safe Mode by tapping F8 when the computer has just turned on. If F8 does not work, press Shift + F8 very quickly after turning the computer on.
For Apple computers, turn on the device and press Command + S keys to boot up the computer into Single User Mode.

4. The operating system isn’t running properly

There are several reasons the system isn’t running properly:
a) A virus or malware is slowing the system down – install a virus checker or run a virus checker.
b) A recently installed software update – Windows 10 is notorious at this, but it could happen on an Apple computer.
c) A recently updated software program (application) such as an existing anti-virus program.
d) A change of hardware and the computer is still installing the necessary drivers.
e) Failing hardware such as a Hard Disk Drive (HDD).
f) Windows 10 hammering the HDD for up to 30 minutes after a computer is booted up (this happens especially if the computer is not turned on much – to enter Task Manager use Control + Alt + Delete and choose Task Manager from the options, then go to Performance Tab, then watch the HDD being hammered at 100%.

5. Frozen screen

A frozen screen is a very common computer problem, a possible solution is to wait a minute between clicking a key or moving a mouse as the computer needs time to react and wake up. If that fails, reboot the computer by holding down the on/off button for up to ten seconds. Once the computer has turned off, wait for another ten seconds and turn it on again.

6. Loud noises from computer

Loud and unusual noises from the computer usually come from a fan but could also be the HDD. The fans usually calm down after a few seconds, however, a fan with destroyed bearings will continue to make noise. In this case, the fan would need to be replaced or will eventually seize, causing the computer or CPU to overheat.
HDD noises can be loud spinning or clicking. The noisy spin means the HDD’s bearings are dying and the drive needs to be replaced. A clicking means the HDD’s heads cannot move into their correct position and the stepper motor is dying. Again, the HDD needs replacing.
These issues do not occur with a Solid State Drive as it has no moving parts.

7. Slow internet

This is not necessarily a common computer problem but more a router/modem/line problem:
a) Check the Internet on another device.
b) Reboot the Router and Modem if separate devices – when turning off the Router and/or Modem, turn them off and wait 30 seconds before turning them on again.
c) Check for any outages or problems in your local area by using a SIM-based device (tablet or smartphone).
d) Reboot the computer and check the Ethernet cable or wi-fi connection is sound.

8. Overheating

Most computers overheat to a degree. The higher the ambient temperature, the more likely a computer will go over its designated maximum temperature rating.
a) Avoid covering any vents of the computer – this includes vents underneath a laptop. There should be at least 3 inches (75mm) gap all-around a PC Tower/Desktop.
b) Install better or newer fans into your computers.
c) Install for Apple computers Crystalidea’s Macs Fan Control. Unfortunately, this is not available for Windows-based computers. However, software which displays temperatures in the computer for Windows-based computers is available.

9. Slow internet on a particular computer

Clearing the cache of cookies and temporary files frequently can assist in a faster browser and therefore the internet. Each browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Oprah, Edge and Internet Explorer) has a different way to clear and possibly reset their cache. Included here are viruses in your browser which an anti-virus program may not pick up. To remove these sorts of problems, we use Adwcleaner from Malwarebytes.

10. Peripheral device not working

A peripheral device is a mouse, keyboard, printer, webcam etc. This can often happen after a software update of the Operating System – looking at your Windows 10. The drivers (software that communicates between the hardware and the Operating System) may need to be updated or in some cases rolled back. This is a subject that can get quite complicated. However, Googling “Driver Update” or similar is a good starting point, especially if there is an error code involved.

Additional common computer problems we are familiar with include but are not limited to:

• Fuzzy monitor with lines across the screen
• Hard disk failure
• Computer clogged with files, photos, music and games
• Liquid spills on the machine
• Malware or virus-infected machine

Client Inquiries Regarding Other Common Computer Problems

We have also provided recent inquiries from our clients, which are included below. Please review these questions to view our extensive list of services we provide our customers:

Battery Replacement

“I have a MacBook pro, purchased in 2010, but most likely a 2009 model. It looks exactly like the current MacBook Pros on the market. It is functioning perfectly, no black outs or colour-wheeling episodes like a lot of older Macs, but the battery is pretty weak.”

Blue Screen of Death

“My Apple iMac model A1207 goes to a blue screen when turned on. I tried to hold command s and see if there is a driver issue, but the message came up kextd[28]: giving up on diskarb; auto-rebuild disabled and the screen is blue and not doing anything. I was wondering about the cost of repairing? I do not have the original disks. Is it able to be saved?”

Computer Screen is Blank

“Recently my cat pushed my iMac off a table and now the display won’t work. It turns on but is just black. How should I go about getting this fixed and approximately how much do you think it would be?”

Data Retrieval

“Hi, wondering if you could help me out, please …My hard drive isn’t being recognised on any computer/laptop, but the light is still flashing. Wondering if my files can be recovered somehow?”

FYI we have a very affordable data retrieval service in Brisbane.

Liquid Spills

“After an unfortunate water spill on my laptop. Some keys are not functioning properly. Will you guys be able to repair it? If yes, could you please give me a quote.”
“I spilt coffee on the keyboard of my MacBook air last night, initially certain keys wouldn’t work and now it won’t turn on.”

We have a blog about liquid spills if you are someone unlucky enough to need this information!

Motherboard Replacement

“Hi, just replaced my 2010 27″ iMac as the motherboard blew. Can you use any of the rest of it as parts?”

PC Help Requests

“Hi, I have a Seagate black armour which is not working properly. Amber lights keep coming on. Is this something that you guys can look into? I can easily drop it in to you.”

Portable Hard Drive Repairs

“I need help to fix my portable hard drive as the USB port has become detached. Very desperate, could you repair it?”

Screen Replacement

“I have a laptop at home (Acer Aspire 5542) which has a severely cracked screen. As I was looking to upgrade laptops soon, I was just wondering, if there was a way to transfer all of the files from my hard drive to a USB drive without having to get the screen fixed? And if so, would it be cheaper to have the file transferred onto a USB drive or to just have the screen replaced?”
“Hi, could you please provide me with a quote to remove and replace a cracked screen in an Asus R101D.”

Affordable Computer Repairs and Service

If you require computer assistance or are unsure about any of the information provided regarding common computer problems, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 3397 1215 or 0409 974 707 or via email at We strive to provide our customers with quality services and advice at an affordable price.

Please telephone us in advance if you have any one of the above common computer problems, as then we understand the issue and can advise you as to the likely costs that you may incur on repairing your computer.

However, please be aware that there are often many different reasons for computer problems, and it is sometimes necessary for us to inspect your computer before accurately diagnosing the cause of the difficulty. We can do this for you – for free if you continue with the recommended repair – or for $75 if you decide that due to the cost of replacement parts and the age of the machine, you would rather purchase a new computer.

most common computer problems