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What is Spyware?

Wikipedia’s definition of spyware is provided below.

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Spyware secretly install themselves onto your laptop or PC.  You may not even be aware that you have this type of insidious malware on your computer.

Spyware can be installed on your machine in many different ways.  The most common ways of installation is by being hidden inside of software such as screen savers, free games or animated cursors.

You are also more likely to obtain a spyware infection if you visit dodgy websites or click on links in dubious emails.

What are the Signs that you have Spyware on your Computer?

If you have any of the signs below there is a good chance your PC has become infected with spyware.

Your home page, search engine and/or mouse pointer changes

New toolbars, favourites and links appear that you didn’t add to your web browser yourself.

When you type in a specific website address in your browser you are taken to a completely unrelated website.

Numerous pop-up ads appear on your screen – sometime even when your computer isn’t connected to the internet.

What are the different types of Spyware?

There are many different types of spyware and the list below is of the most common types of spyware.

In general each type of spyware usually specialise in performing one task, such as collecting information, displaying advertisements, or changing browser settings etc.


Once the adware has gathered data about your internet shopping and browsing habits then you will start to get a lot of pop-up and other forms of advertisements for products or services which you may have been looking for.  With an adware infection you are therefore likely to get displays of unwanted or annoying advertisements.

Browser Hijacks

Browser hijacks are software programs that take control of your website browser and change your settings like your home page, favourites and bookmarks.  You will know that you have this form of spyware when your home page changes or you get strange search results..


Keylogers secretly monitor and record keystrokes into a log file.  Thus keyloggers record passwords, account numbers and logins etc.  This allows the intruders to access online banking accounts and passwords for programs and websites.

How to Remove Spyware?

We will soon be writing a blog on how to remove spyware from your computer, so please check our other blogs on this website.

Effective Spyware Removal

Affordable Computer Repairs and Service charge a fixed fee of $190 to remove all spyware and other forms of malware from your machine.  We often run two or more anti-spyware and anti-virus software programs to ensure that we identify and remove all forms of malicious software from your computer.

Should you wish us to provide this service for you please call us on 3397 1215 or 0411 403 511

If you want more inforation about our spyware removal service visit our spyware removal page.


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