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Computer Infected by Spyware?

We at Affordable Computer Repairs and Service provide an extremely thorough spyware removal service in Brisbane.

 Minimum of Two Scans

We always run at least two scans using two different spyware programs to ensure that you machine is clean of infection.  Sometime we even run three or four depending upon how malicious the software is and how much damage it has done to your computer.  There is no one anti-spyware or anti-malware program that will be able to detect all the potential forms of infection that you machine may have.

Thus it is necessary to run at least two scans.  If the job is not done properly you will find that your machine is still infected and the symptoms of the infection will reoccur.

Fixed Spyware Removal Fee

We charge a fixed rate of $190 to remove all trace of spyware  and other forms of malware from your PC or laptop when the job is done in our workshop.

There are a few instances whereby the only way to remove the spyware infection is to backup all the data, reformat the machine and reload software – and your files once they have been thoroughly scanned.  This is an extremely lengthy process and we provide this service for a fixed fee of $275 when the job is done in our workshop.

Location of Our Workshop

Our office and workshop is located at 48 Octantis Street in Coorparoo, Brisbane.  We are a 10 minute drive south of Brisbane City.  Due to the time consuming nature of spyware removal, for the fixed spyware removal fee of $190 this only applies if the work is done in our workshop.  We do however also provide a mobile spyware removal service as well.

Mobile Spyware  Removal Brisbane Service

Should you wish a mobile service to your home or office we can do this for you, however we would then charge for all the time spent at your home or place of business.  Our hourly rate is $125 per hour.  We consider an ‘easy’ spyware removal job to be one that takes around two to three hours.  More difficult spyware removal jobs can take between three to four hours.

It could take a full day to backup your data, reformat your hard drive, reload all your software, scan and then reload all your files.

To find out if you are within our mobile service area, click here.

Spyware and other forms of Malware

If you have spyware on your machine there is a good chance that you may have some other forms of malware too.  Our thorough scanning process will detect all the various forms of malware and spyware on your machine.

Turnaround Time

Our usual turnaround time is two to three days.  If there is any likelihood of this being shorter or longer we will inform you of this fact.

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Please call us on 3397 1215 or 0409 974 707 or use our email contact form and we will respond shortly.  We are open Monday to Saturday from 8am to 6pm.


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