Tips in choosing a reliable computer repair service

Are Computer Repair Businesses Reliable?

Reader’s Digest in July 2013 published a survey on which professions in Australia are dependable, honest and reliable that have earned our trust.

The results were as follows:

1. Firefighters
2. Paramedics
3. Rescue volunteers
4. Nurses
5. Pilots
6. Doctors
7. Pharmacists
8. Veterinarians
9. Air traffic controllers
10. Farmers 
22. Waiters
23. Computer technicians

With computer technicians only coming in 23rd place, how does one go about choosing a reliable, honest and affordable computer repair company?

How to Choose a Reliable Computer Repair Business

Obtain Recommendations

Choose a company that will respect your privacy and data – a recommendation from a co-worker, friend or family is by far the best way to ensure that you are likely to obtain quality service.

Read Computer Repair Reviews

Read customer reviews – if you can’t get a recommendation from someone you know, the next best thing to do is read the customer reviews published on the company’s website or better still on a directory listing which lists the service company.  It is easy for a company to falsify customer reviews on their own website, but not on directory listing websites as these are usually monitored for this purpose. A trustworthy computer repair service with good expertise is easily determined through the reviews written by past customers. You could also ask if you could contact some customers directly.

Look at Their Fees and Charges

Cost – This is a prime factor for choosing anything. With computer repair companies that charge by the hour, you really have no idea what the final cost will be and it may be that you would have been better off buying a new computer rather than paying a really high repair bill. For this reason, we recommend that you choose a business that has a fixed service fee. Bear in mind that the lowest cost is not always necessarily the best option as at the end of the day the most important thing is that the computer is fixed properly. You need to be careful that the firm you choose also has the expertise that is required.

Check for Guarantees

Guarantees offered – A service provider should offer a warranty or guarantee after fixing the issues. A long warranty period represents that they have confidence in their work. New parts always come with a warranty, but you need to ensure that the repair company stand by their labour as well.

Mobile or Workshop Service

On-Site Support – You may wish to have the technician come to your home, so you need to check that they offer this service. Some repair companies charge extra for this service.

Turnaround Time

Turnaround Time – Is your computer likely to site in the workshop for a week or two? Most of us are reliant on our computers and struggle without them for even a day or two. Same day service is ideal, however, is difficult to come by and may come at an extra cost. Again, read the fine print for those firms that offer same day service. In general, you should expect that it would take one to three days, depending on the complexity of the repair for your computer to be repaired.

Size of the Business

Large Companies – Large companies aren’t always the best solution as large doesn’t necessarily mean quality. Often local computer or laptop repair businesses around your neighbourhood offer better turnaround time and more likely competitive rates.

Use Search Engines

Google It – Google lists both large and small repair companies and by visiting their websites, you can obtain a lot of valuable data that will help with your decision.

Speak to the Technician

Speak to the Technician – This is easier done with the smaller repair companies as you can speak to the person who will be working on your machine. By questioning the technician, you should be able to determine quickly their level of expertise and obtain their rates and turnaround time.

Summary of Tips In Choosing a Reliable Computer Repair Service

Some people consider any service provider to repair their computer, but this can be a big mistake. A computer repair service company should be chosen with care and finding the right one may take a little time but will be worth every minute. Your computer likely contains a lot of valuable data (all those family photos and office work) plus you don’t want to be stuck with a huge repair bill.

There are numerous computer repairmen nowadays, and some of them provide quality services. However, there are some people who charge high prices but fail to deliver good work. Hence, it is important to distinguish between the two and choose the better one.

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Tips in choosing a reliable computer repair service.

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