Do you need a traditional home phone connection?

Do you need a traditional home phone connection?

Is it possible to rely completely on your mobile phone?

The latest trend in cutting costs today is to disconnect the traditional landline phone service and rely totally on the mobile phone as the main phone 24 hours a day 6 days a week. If you are currently getting two phone bills each month, one from the phone company and the next from the cellular provider and you carry your mobile phone around day in and day out, you may start to question whether or not you need the traditional home phone. There are several pros and cons to disconnecting the traditional landline and relying totally on the mobile phone and these are provided below.

Reception – it goes without saying that the traditional landline has a much more reliable reception. You may find that within your home there may be areas of dropout or poorer reception in certain areas. It is noted that cellular coverage is improving all the time however you might consider assisting reception through signal-boosting antennas if you decide to cut the traditional phone line.

Battery – The traditional home phone does not require you to continually charge your phone as you have to with your mobile device.

Flat phone – If you totally rely on your mobile phone there is the possibility that when you want to make that urgent call (or any call for that matter) that you find your phone is dead and you are left to wait until your charger provides enough power to dial out.

Emergency calls – When you dial 000, the emergency hotline immediately receives your current location and they can send the fire department, police or ambulance to help even if you are not able to speak.

Phone number – If a lot of friends and family are used to calling you on your home phone number, you will have to consider transferring your old landline to a new mobile account. You will need to check with your carrier first to make sure they will do this and what is involved in it – there may be a cost.

Lost phone – As mobile phones are getting smaller all the time, it is easy to misplace your phone and you might miss an important call. It is noted too that cordless phones also can be misplaced but there are usually larger than their mobile counterparts.

Faxing – If you still use the fax, you need a traditional phone connection.

Home security – Many home security services rely on a hardwired connection to allow communication to their monitoring centres. Many of these services can use the broadband internet connection but this could be a problem if you haven’t opted for a high-speed cable connection.


If you have solid cell reception at home and don’t need the traditional landline for any other electronics at home, then dropping your landline can certainly save you money. Alternatively, you could save money by calling your service provider and ask to be switched to the least expensive base rate if you don’t use your home phone very much. For this low-cost, you can have peace of mind, particularly when you consider the possibility of needing the traditional phone for emergency calls.

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Do you need a traditional home phone connection?

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