Laptop does not Wake up from Standby or Hibernation

Why Won’t my Laptop Wake Up?

It can be very irritating when your laptop won’t wake up from standby or hibernation mode. The reasons for this and the ways to overcome it are detailed in this article.


Particularly with older laptops, it’s just a matter of giving the computer some time to come out of standby or hibernation – around thirty seconds or so.

Special Keys

If this happens with a new laptop, it might be that your machine has a special key to wake up the laptop – have a look in the laptop manual.


There may be a conflict with the Bios and Windows power management. You need to try different settings in the Bios – compare the settings with the value configured in Windows.


If your battery is very low this may result in your machine not waking up. The simple solution is to connect the AC adaptor to allow the battery to charge and then wake up the machine.

Residual Charge

Almost all laptop components hold some residual electrical charge and this could be the reason why your computer won’t wake up. The solution is to get rid of the residual charge by taking out the battery and removing the AC adaptor – then hold the power button down for around thirty seconds, release and leave the machine alone for a few minutes to release the built-up electricity. Then reconnect both the battery and AC adaptor and turn the power on.

Laptop Display

It may be that you have a monitor problem this is easily checked by plugging in a separate monitor – if you get a display on the second monitor then this is the problem and unfortunately, you will have to take your laptop to a repair business to have this fixed.

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Laptop won't wake up from Standby or Hibernation