How to Use System Restore in Windows 7?

Why Use System Restore?

System restore is a powerful tool to use when you run into problems with your computer.  If you have tried to fix your computer and can’t seem to be able to resolve it then system restore maybe the answer.  Please note system restore is of no use to you at all if you have a hardware problem.

What Does System Restore Do?

System restore allows you to take back your computer in time – to a point when you didn’t have a problem on the machine.  So instead of fixing the problem you restore your computer as it was before the problem occurred.  System restore does no revert any of your non-system files – your working files such as documents, videos and emails.  These non-system files will be unaffected by system restore and you will still have the most up to date files available once you have undertaken a system restore.

When You Might Use System Restore

When you are unable to get rid of a particularly malicious virus.

When you encounter problems after installing new software or an update that goes wrong.

There are some tips and tricks to using system restore and we recommend that you investigate these before undertaking a system restore yourself.

How to Use System Restore

Click on the start button on your computer, then select all programs then accessories and then system tools.

No click on the system restore program icon.  Search for system protection which will show you the system restore points (if any) for the different hard disks drives – click on shore more restore points box to see some of the older restore points if this is needed.

Now click next, then finish.  Windows 7 will now shut down to complete the system restore.  After the reboot you should be a message on the screen system restore completed successfully, click close on this message.

If the original problem that you had with your computer has not been removed by using system restore, you may need to redo the entire process and select an older restore point to the one you selected before.

On the other hand if the restoration has caused a problem you can undo this particular system restore.

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how to use system restore in windows 7


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