Dangers of the Internet

Most of us use computers, laptops, tables, phones etc to access the internet – and this includes our children.  However while the advantages of using the internet are numerous, we cannot afford to ignore the disadvantages.  This is part one of two articles listing the main dangers of the internet.

Email Spam

A major negative effect of Email spam is that it may include malware such as viruses.  If you open or download spam email attachments there is a good chance you will be welcoming a virus onto your computer.

Con Artists

The Internet is the home for numerous scams – the entire purpose of which is to steal money from you.  Many of these scams appear so real that people get caught out again and again.

Identity Theft

Identity theft occurs in several ways through the net.  You may get caught by a scam and provide your banking account details, passwords to criminals who then use this information to steal your ID and your money.  There is also software that can record your keystrokes that you make on your computer and steal your identity this way.  Social media also opens the door to identity theft.  Not only can your identity be stolen, but your photos can be copied and used anywhere such as porn sites or for use in fake advertising.

Time Wastage

It is easy to waste an enormous amount of time on the net.  Quite often you may hop onto the net to obtain just one small bit of information, and the next you know you have spent hours on your computer surfing the net, using social media or making unnecessary purchases.


Piracy is the act of illegally copying or downloading copyrighted material.  People obtain movies and music etc this way for free.  This however has an impact on the economy, in fact it has been estimated that in any one year music piracy globally causes $12.5 billion in economic losses, 71,060 U.S. job losses and a loss of $2.7 billion in workers’ income.

Cyber Bullying

Another serious danger of the internet is cyber bullying.  This can be done anonymously by the bully as he/she can make fake profiles on social networking sites and fake email ids.   Online bullying is made more dangerous as the bully does not need to be physically present and therefore cyber bullying can take place at any time.

Cyber bullying takes various forms, hateful messages or even death threats can be sent, lies can be spread online, bullies make nasty comments on social networking profiles, bullying can also be done by creating a website just to make fun of their victims or to destroy their reputations.  Another method of online bullying is to pose as the victim and send nasty messages from the supposed victim to others.  Finally, online bullying can be done by cyber bullies posting humiliating videos of the victim online.

Victims of cyber bullying often don’t tell their parents what is happening as they don’t want to lose internet privileges – or don’t want their parents to become involved and in their eyes see that this will only increase the bullying.


Dangers of the internet

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