Computer Repair Tips

Below we have provided some computer repair tips, if after trying out these suggestions you still have a problem, we are a Brisbane computer repairs business and happy to provide one of our many services if you need them.


Sometimes we forget that a simple reboot can solve a multitude of problems.  Rebooting should always be your first port of call.  If the screen is frozen you may need to force a shut down by holding the power button down until the machine turns off.  If this does not turn off your computer try turning it off at the wall.  For a laptop you will need to remove the battery.

Back up

If you have managed to successfully reboot your computer we recommend that you now back up all your files and data in case there is a more serious problem involved and your computer freezes again.  We can’t stress often enough how important it is to regularly back up we have many customers who haven’t done so and with a failed hard drive if our data recovery service is unable to retrieve your data then this can either be very expensive to have your files retrieved by an expert data recovery business or even worse not possible and you could lose your work and those treasured family photos.

Virus Check

Another bone of contention – you need to regularly update your antivirus software and ensure that the program is running.  It is noted however that no matter what security steps you take your computer still has the potential to become infected.

If your computer is running slow or keeps freezing it is a good idea to run a virus scan and if your machine is infected to delete all the malware that you may find.

Virus Programs

If you have more than one active antivirus software running at the same time this can cause conflicts.  Running two antivirus software programs can result in your machine running slow and can also cause it to crash.  Delete one of these programs.

Duplicate Programs

If for some reason you have install two copies of the same software program you are likely to run into trouble. Windows Control Panel lists all the software that is installed on your machine, check for duplicates – then remove both copies.  Re-install only one copy and find out if this is your problem.

Recent Installations

If your problem is timed to a recent installation that you have done this could be your problem.  Uninstall the device or software by going to Control Panel, selecting Add or remove programs and then choosing your recent installation.  If your machine now runs okay you can try to reinstall the software.

System Restore

If none of the above recommendations solve your problem you can try a system restore.  A system restore has the potential to revert your computer back to the last state in which it was working well.  Go to the Start button; choose All programs, Accessories, System tools, System restore.  Now if you have an available restore point you will see it listed with the date at which it was done.  Follow the step by step wizard and you may be lucky to have your computer back working properly again.

After trying some or all of these tips and your computer is still running slow or freezing please give us a call at Affordable Computer Repairs and Service on 3397 1215 and for an affordable fee we will repair your machine.

Computer Repair Tips