How to Make Your Computer Faster

If you are looking for ways to make your computer faster, as a computer repair and It Servicers business we have provided some advice below.

Advice on How to Make Your Computer Faster


Before you go rushing out to buy more ram, consider the following… All components in a computer work together. Thus if you have an outdated motherboard and graphics card and a small hard drive then your purchase of additional ram may not be effective in making your computer run faster.

Older Computers

There may be some basic things you can do first that could substantially increase the speed of your machine. However, older machines are just not built for the demand of new programs and if you computer is over five years of age and you are looking to run contemporary memory hungry programs then unfortunately you may be looking at the purchase of a new machine. It is not in our interest to suggest such an alternative as while we do build new computers our core business is in repairing PCs, laptops and Macs.

Virus Programs

If you have two virus or malware detection programs active at the same time this can considerably slow down the performance of your computer. It is best to have only one active program and two or more malware programs that you run at regular intervals. One sure way to make your computer run faster is to deactivate one or more of your anti malware programs so that you have only one running at the one time. Do not however forget to regularly run the other malware programs sitting on your hard drive.

Programs Running in the Background

Do you have numerous programs running in the background? Often these days computers come loaded with lots of applications and programs that you will never need. Having these programs running in the background will significantly reduce the speed on your computer.
In this case a simple answer as to how to make your computer faster is to disable any programs that you don’t need that automatically start when you turn on your machine.

Cluttered Hard Drive

Is your hard drive cluttered with programs that you no longer use? A good clean out may help your computer run faster. Please back up before you do such an undertaken and also make a restore point. Then delete unwanted programs and files, sort by largest to smallest so that you delete the most important ones first.


The purpose of a defrag is to tidy up and clean up your hard drive so that it functions better. Again we strongly recommend you do a complete backup before you run a defrag. It is also necessary to close down all programs before running a defrag. You need to be aware that a defrag takes quite some time so maybe it would be a good idea to do this overnight.

Affordable Computer Repairs and Service

We have that the advice we have provided on hot to make your computer faster is of some assistance to you. If you still have a problem with your machine running too slowly, give us a call and we will discuss with you any other options that are still possible to help make your computer faster.

How to Make Your Computer Faster

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