National Australia Bank email scam

Recent NAB Phishing Campaign

An email phishing scam has been targeting National Australia Bank customers over the last couple of months.

Several different types of emails have been sent to National Australia Bank customers – and also to people who don’t even have an account with National Australia Bank…

If you don’t have an account with NAB then it’s obvious that these emails are a scam.  However, if you do it is very tempting to click on the link that they provide as the emails are quite realistic.

It is always the email address that the emails come from that give away whether or not they are a scam or the real thing.  Just by closely looking at the email address you can quite easily determine whether or not it is a phishing scam.

Latest NAB email Scams

The latest scam email that I got from supposedly the National Australia Bank had the following email address:

nabsecure []

The previous scam email I had again from supposedly NAB has the following email address:

nabonlineservice []

As you can see the email address is a dead giveaway that the email does not come from the National Australia Bank.

The first email I received from these scammers told me that I had been given an incorrect password for my NAB account and need to confirm my details by clicking on the link provided.

The aim of this campaign like so many others is to steal your login and bank account information.

Another dead giveaway that an email is part of a phishing scam is that the email is not personalised.  That is the email does not include your actual name.  There is no Dear xyz, there is, in fact, no salutation at all.

Also the link itself that you are enticed to click on looks suspicious.

If you do click on the link provided you will be taken to a phishing site and you need to ensure that you do not do this.

The second scam email I received informed me that my internet banking account had been disabled.  Again there was no salutation and the link looks suspicious.

national australia bank email scams

Policy of Banks Regarding Personal Information

All banks will never ask you to provide details particularly your password via email.  This is the biggest give away of all.

Only recently Westpac, Coles and Bunnings were targeted by a phishing email campaign as well as.

Advice Regarding Suspicious emails From Banks

If you receive an email supposedly from your bank that you are not certain is valid there are several ways you can check whether it is a valid email or not.

  1. Contact the bank directly to confirm whether or not it is a valid email.
  2. Check whether it has been written to you personally.
  3. Check the email address.
  4. Question yourself, would a bank really ask me to do this through email, do you feel safe clicking on the link, if in doubt don’t do it.
  5. Check for use of company logo and also who has sent the email.

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