How to Calculate in Word 2010 without using Tables

Tools Calculate Command

The tools calculate command allows you to add up figures that you have in a tabular form, so if you don’t want the extra effort of putting in a table, this is your answer. The reason I am writing this post is that it took me ages of Google searching to find out how to do this, so I am hoping it will be easier for the next perplexed user to find the answer – which is actually quite a simple one you have found the solution.

Where is it?

The Tools bar is no longer on the ribbon in Word 2013 so the first thing you need to do is find the command and add to either above or below the ribbon.

Firstly open Word 2010. Now you need to right-click on the customisable area at the top left corner – this is above the undo button. Now you can select Customise quick access toolbar.

From the menu select Commands not in the ribbon. The potential options to select are provided in alphabetic order. Scroll down to the Calculate option which is below Bullets numbers. Highlight Calculate then click the Add button.

If you are likely to need this option for more than the current document you also need to click the For all documents box – this is actually the default setting, just check it.

Now press OK and a small icon will appear on your screen below the ribbon.

How to use the Calculate command

Use tabs to type your figures in a column then highlight these numbers. In order to highlight the numbers, you need to press the Alt key and then use your mouse to select them.

Then press your Calculate button below the ribbon. Finally, put your cursor below your tabbed column of figures and press Paste. The answer will appear and you are done.

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How to Calculate in Word 2010 without using Tables