How do I Replace the Power Supply in my Computer?

How do I replace the Power Supply in my Computer?

While we have provided the steps below detailing how to replace your power supply, we strongly recommend that if you don’t have computer repair expertise that you call us on 3397 1215 or 0409 974 707 to let us do this repair for you to prevent any costly mistakes.

Buy a replacement Power Supply

New power supplies can be bought on the net – check the model number on the component part and ensure that you purchase the right power supply. You can also visit your local computer parts store, you may want to take in the faulty power supply so that they can match up the new one for you.

Remove the Faulty Power Supply

Turn off your computer and unplug all power supply to the machine – this is extremely important! Then disconnect any other peripherals such as the mouse, network cable, keyboard and speakers.

Remove the hard case cover, you will need to unscrew the case and slide it off. Keep all screws in a handy place where you won’t lose them.

Unplug all the power supply’s cables from the connectors. To ensure that you plug the new power supply cords correctly in, we recommend you put a strip of masking tape on the end of each plug and record on the tape where it should go. The plugs are shaped differently to match with the various connectors that they fit into.

There are two power supply cables that connect to the motherboard. Also, if you have two video cards you will need to remove the connector from this as well. Further cables that need to be unplugged include from the hard drive(s) and other CD/DVD burners. Don’t be concerned about any excess cables that you might have as these are provided for potential future upgrades.

Unscrew the screws which hold the power supply to the machine. Make sure that you don’t remove the screws which hold the power supply’s internal fan – these are usually close to the fan and the screws that you need to unscrew are most often located on the edge of the rear of the computer.

Very carefully remove the faulty or burnt-out power supply from the machine. Depending on your computer you may have to remove other components in order to do this. If this is the case, we recommend that you may need to have a computer expert undertake this repair job for you. Removing the power supply can be a tricky job as the space is often cramped; you may also find that you need to remove screws on the base of the power supply.

Test the New Power Supply

Before you go to the effort of installing the new power supply, it is a good idea to plug it into the wall to ensure that it is fully functional. If the fan, for example, is not working you will need to return the part and exchange for a new working component.

Install the New Power Supply

Place the new power supply into the space vacated by your faulty power supply. Screw the part into place. Then replace all the cables using the masking tape label that you have put on the old power supply for reference. Again, remember you will probably have some cables that will not connect to anything, tuck these into the machine.

The cables from your new power supply will need to be reconnected to the motherboard, the fans, the drives and the power switch.

Connect all peripherals and the power cord. Boot up your machine and keep your fingers crossed!  Check that the fan is spinning around.

Now turn off the PC and replace the computer’s hard case, screw it on. Then turn your computer back on – you are done.

how do i replace the power supply in my computer?

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