How can I get my Mouse to Work Properly? Article One

There are occasions when a pesky mouse will not work properly. The types of mouse misbehaviour are described below as are the solutions to the different types of faults that can occur.

Mouse Ball Stuck or Hard to Move

The most common reason for this problem is that your mouse ball has lint, debris or hair stuck in the rollers which is preventing them from moving. This is a common problem, particularly if you don’t use a mouse pad and regularly clean your mouse.

To clean and remove the collection of debris wound around the rollers you must move the mouse ball to the lock position on the underside of the mouse. Then turn it on an angle the ball will be released.

Now it is just a matter of removing the lint etc off the mouse ball with your fingers and if you want a soft cloth. To get rid of the build up of dirt on the mouse rollers turn the mouse right way around and tap on it so that the loose debris fall out of the mouse door hole. By looking into the mouse enclosure you may be able to see lint stuck on the rollers. To remove this carefully use your fingers or for more difficult pieces a pair of tweezers may be handy.

Once you have removed all the debris that you can, put the mouse ball back in the mouse and gently relock the ball lock. In most instances when your mouse ball is hard to move a thorough clean is all that is needed to get it working again. However if after the clean there is no difference in the performance of your mouse it may just be that the device is defective from a long period of use and you will need to purchase a new mouse.

Mice are now to cheap and easily available that this is not a major issue.

Mouse Stops Frequently or Skips

There is a raft of reasons why your mouse stops frequently or the pointer tracks poorly, all of which are simply remedied.

Metal Surfaces

Your wireless receiver will not be able to work properly if there are large metal surfaces near your keyboard, mouse or the receiver itself.

Plastic Lens

There is a tiny plastic lens on the base of your mouse, a quick wipe with a damp cloth may get your mouse up and running again.


An often forgotten fix is to replace worn out batteries… This uncomplicated task requires that you undo the battery cover and swap your used batteries for a new set.

Obstruction of Objects

You need to have the mouse/keyboard in direct line from the wireless receiver. Any objects between them like speakers or your coffee cup can cause connection problems.


Some mice will not work properly on glass, reflective or translucent surfaces. You will get the best performance from your mouse by using a mouse pad – that’s why they were invented!

Receiver Distance

Did the receiver get moved when you were dusting the desk? In order to function properly the keyboard and mouse need to be situated within thirty centimetres from the receiver.


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How can I get my Mouse to Work Properly

How can I get my Mouse to Work Properly?

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