Choosing the Right Laptop, Tablet, Notebook or Hybrid

The Choice between a Laptop and a Tablet

Tablets are improving functionality all the time and are for many a good replacement for a laptop; however it really does depend on what you are going to use the machine for. For social networkers and those who spend a lot of time surfing the net and sending email tablets provide all that they need in an ultra portable device.

However if you are going to do a lot of typing and touch-pad navigation then you will soon become frustrated using a table and really the best choice for you is a laptop or a laptop hybrid.

The Choice between a Traditional Notebook and a Hybrid

A more recent evolution in the technology market is hybrid laptop designs that also double as tablets. One example of this evolution is devices that can bend back 360 degrees turning into a slate. There are also hybrids that have removable keyboards. A further new entrant to the market is notebooks which have keyboards that slide out.

To date these hybrids mostly don’t provide a good a slat experience as dedicated tablets or notebooks. The keyboards that slide out of notebooks are very handy, but do increase the size of your notebook. A good keyboard detachable design does provide a good option of using your laptop as a tablet.

Windows or Mac OS

As we all know Apple’s operating system is available on far fewer laptops and desktops which reduces your options. However Mac OS has proven to be more stable and is often chosen over Windows are the operating system is more user-friendly.

Windows on the other hand provides a much greater range of different devices and also allows for more personalisation OS the system. With a Windows based machine you also have a much, much greater choice in software particularly games and a wide variety of free software.

Battery Life

Whatever device you decide to purchase you need to take into account the battery life of the device. All devices obviously require the battery to be recharged, how often you have to connect your device to a power outlet is determined by the life of the battery within your chosen device. Remember too that over time the battery life will diminish.

We strongly recommend that you research to find the longest possible battery life for your machine, even if it costs you extra is it well worth paying for. The reason for choosing these devices is there portability and in our opinion battery life is more important than weight and slim design.

It is possible to purchase notebooks with 6 hours of battery life and they are worth seeking out. You should also be aware that some notebooks are designed in such a way that the batteries are sealed and can’t easily be upgraded which will result in an extra expensive with having to take the device to a computer repair business. You should also consider the ease of battery removal so that if you travel long distances you can carry a replacement battery which you should be able to easily install into the device.

Remember too that the battery life depends on the brightness of the screen and the type of tasks that you perform – video for example uses much more battery power than surfing on the web. So while manufactures may advertise a certain length of battery life, if you use your device for high intensive tasks the battery life will be much shorter than what is advertised.

When to Purchase your New Machine

It’s very tempting to delay purchasing a new machine in order to get the very latest laptop and operating system. The problem is that as soon as you have made your purchase a new system will be on its way. With the rapid movement of technology these days there really isn’t much point in waiting for the latest and greatest because it won’t be that for long.


Laptop, Tablet, Notebook

Laptop, Tablet, Notebook, Hybrid

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