Computer Pranks and Tricks

Stir Up Trouble with These Computer Pranks and Tricks

Feel like pranking your co-workers and friends? Below are some simple and fun computer jokes and tricks for you to try on unsuspecting victims. Try out these pranks on friends and foes in the workplace or at home!

Text Jokes

No Text

This is fun and easy prank to play on your co-workers, family and friends. When they step away from their computer, change the text colour on their document/spreadsheet to white. When they come back to start typing, nothing will appear on the screen!

Mouse Jokes

Two Mice Computer

Did you know that two different mice can be connected to your computer at once? Why not try out this trick with your neighbours’ computer? While they are away from the desk, plug in your mouse to their computer or connect your wireless mouse. When they return, control the mouse from your desk and two cursers will appear on their screen. They’ll be very confused as to what is happening, especially if you behave erratically!

Slow Click Rate

Slowing down the mouse click rate can trick someone into thinking their mouse isn’t working. Go to the Control Panel and change the mouse speed to the slowest setting, the user will not know what hit them!

Optical Mouse

This trick is sure to confuse your friend! Stick a piece of sticky tape or transparent tape over the mouse’s optical sensor. When the user tries to use the mouse, the cursor won’t move!

Reverse Mouse Functions

Really want to confuse your co-worker? Go to the Control Panel and switch the primary button to the left button. Sit back and enjoy the fun while the user clicks the left button and it becomes the right and vice versa!

Busy Mouse Pointer

This is a simple and very funny trick to play on your friends and co-workers.  Select the Control Panel, then select Mouse, followed by Pointers. Change the Normal Pointer to the Busy one. Your friend will think their computer is hanging, make sure to wait to see their reaction to the mouse change!

Sound Jokes

Volume Trick

If your co-worker has external speakers, turn the sound onto max volume while they’re away from the desk. Watch them jump out of their seat in surprise when they next use sound on their computer!

Change Computer Sounds

This is the perfect fun prank! In the Control Panel, select Sounds and Audio Devices. Then select Sounds and choose one of the different computer noises. Set it as the Windows shutdown sound so every time the user closes a program, they’ll be super surprised by the weird noise!

Screen Jokes

Turn a Laptop Screen Upside Down

Want an easy way to trick your friend or co-worker? Press Ctrl + Alt + arrow key to flip the screen in different directions. The user will be so confused why their screen has turned sideways or upside down! Easy to reverse by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Up Arrow.

Blue Screen of Death Prank

Everyone is familiar with the famous “blue screen of death”. Surprise your friends by downloading the blue screen background onto their desktop and expect to hear cries of help when they next open their computer!

Frozen Icon

This is a quick and easy prank that will have you laughing at your friend’s confusion! Take a screenshot of someone’s desktop, paste it into Paint and save as a wallpaper. Hide their icons by right-clicking on the desktop background, select View and then deselect the option to show desktop icons. Now when the user goes to select on an icon, they won’t know the wallpaper is a screenshot and nothing will happen!

Hide Icons

Want to confuse your friends with a quick and easy trick? Right-click on the desktop background and deselect Show Desktop Icons in the pop-up menu. The icons will disappear, leaving the user befuddled!

Slide Show 

Take a screenshot of your friend’s desktop and paste into Microsoft PowerPoint. Resize the image to fit into the box, select the slide and copy (Ctrl + V). Holding down these keys will copy and paste the image repeatedly. Once you have enough copies, press F5. A slide show will now appear on the desktop over and over, confusing the desktop user!

Keyboard Jokes

Keyboard Key

Change the function of a few keys on your friend’s keyboard. The computer user will more than likely type for a while before noticing the changes and will think the keyboard is at fault. This joke is funnier if you change only a few keys, particularly the Alt and Del keys!

Unplug Keyboard or Mouse

Quickly unplug your co-worker’s keyboard or mouse for some good laughs. It’s amazing how few people think to check these connections when they suddenly find that their devices no longer work. A very good trick to confuse your friends!

Network Jokes

Network Failure

This simple prank includes just unplugging the network cable from the rear of the computer. When your friend or co-worker returns to their computer, the poor victim won’t have access to the internet. Not many people think to check the physical cable, so why not try out the prank?

Start-up Page Jokes

Embarrassing Start Up Page

Want to embarrass your friends or co-workers? For the unsuspecting user, choose an embarrassing image from online. Then select Tools, Internet Options and choose the image to make it their home page. Make sure to watch their reaction when they next use their computer!

Language Jokes

Computer Language

Confuse your co-worker by changing their Google language settings for a good laugh. In Google, select Tools, Internet Options, Language and choose from the list of languages. Then close the tab and wait for the user’s reaction when they next try to use the internet!

Other Jokes

Message on the System Clock

The system clock appears on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. As a joke, you can add any text above the clock such as “You are not working hard enough!” for your friends. Open the Control Panel, select Region and Language, then Additional Settings followed by Time. Then add in the text. Surprise your friends with funny comments!

Swap Devices

This computer prank is only possible if your computer is closely located to that of another. Unplug one or more of the following devices from their machine and connect it to your own; the mouse, keyboard, monitor and speakers. When your co-worker returns, they will be super confused when you mysteriously type messages and play audio on their computer. This is a very funny trick, especially for those who are not particularly tech-savvy!

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