Computer Pranks and Tricks

Stir Up Trouble with These Computer Pranks and Tricks

Feel like stirring up some trouble at your home or office? Below are some computer pranks and tricks that are easy to do, very effective and funny.

Unplug Keyboard or Mouse Trick

If you have only a few seconds in which to set up a prank quickly unplug the keyboard and/or mouse from the back of the laptop or desktop. It’s amazing how few people think to check these connections when they suddenly find that there devices no longer work.

Upside Down Prank

This prank only works on some computers but it is worth giving it a go. Hold down the Control Key, the Alt Key and the Up Arrow Key. If their computer has a graphics card which has been set to alter the direction of display using this combination on keys, the result will be everything on their screen displayed upside down! Once the prank is over you can correct the image by using the same first two key combinations and then the Down Arrow instead of the Up Arrow Key that you used before.

Optical Mouse Prank

Optical mice have a sensor which if you cover with a little bit of sticky tape won’t function. The result will be that when a person attempts to use they will be highly confused when the cursor won’t move.

Network Failure Trick

If you unplug the network cable located at the rear of the computer your poor victim will no longer have internet access – and many people don’t think to check the phycial network cable…

Volume Trick

If your victim has external speakers, turn the volume onto max and watch them jump out of their seat!

Slow Click Rate Prank

You can really trick someone into thinking their mouse doesn’t work by slowing down the click rate of the mouse. Go to the Control Panel and move the mouse speed to as low as it will go.

Change the Start Up Page Trick

Surf the web for an image that will embarrass and/or confuse your friend or family. From the menu bar select Tools, then Internet Options and choose to make the image their home page!

Swap Devices Pank

This computer prank is only possible if your computer is closely located to that of another. Unplug one or more of the following devices from their machine and connect it to your own – the mouse, keyboard, monitor and speakers. Then when they return you can type messages on their monitor or play audio through their speakers. This is truly a wonderful prank if the victim is not tech savvy.

Language Trick

Hop onto your co-workers computer and access bring up Google. Then choose Tools, then Internet Options, then Language, after which you can choose from the list of available languages. Quickly close it down and return to whatever program that your co-worker was on previously. Then it is simply a matter of waiting to watch for their reaction next time they surf the net.

Reverse Mouse Functions Prank

To really confuse your poor friend/co-worker again go into the Control Panel and then switch the primary button to the left button. This will mean that all the functions that the user used to activate with the right button are now only available on the left…

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