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Safe Mode Windows 7

How to boot in Safe Mode Windows 7 and Earlier Versions You can boot in safe mode Windows 7 and earlier versions quite easily.  However with Windows 8, 8.1 and now 10 it is more difficult and time consuming. What is Safe Mode? This is a question a lot of people ask us, many people […]

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Home Computer Repair Service

If you are looking for a home computer repair service and live within our Brisbane mobile service area we are more than happy to help you. Home Computer Repair Service Area Our in home computer repair service area extends down south as far as twenty five minutes drive from Brisbane CBD.  We also repair computers […]

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How to Recover Data From A Corrupt SD Card

Recovering Data From A Corrupt SD Card This article is about how to recover data from a corrupt SD card – that is a Secure Digital Card however the same software and techniques can be used for all the different types of cards, such as: Compact Flash (CF) MiniSD Card MicroSD Card Multimedia Card (MMC) […]

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How to Use EaseUs

How to Use EaseUS Data Recovery Software We at Affordable Computer Repairs and Service in Brisbane are often successful in recovering data for our customers.  We use many different tools and methods, often trying one and then the other and so on until we are able to find the solution (not always) for our clients’ […]

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How to Install An External Hard Drive

How To Install An External Hard Drive To A PC, Laptop or Mac Are you running out of space on your computer? Or do you want to backup your files to an external Hard Disk Drive (HDD) as a backup? This article provides you all the information that you need on how to install an external hard […]

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Monitor Won’t Turn On

Why Won’t my Monitor Turn On? This article if for those of you who have a desktop computer that you have turned on, the lights are on the case and you can hear the fan running…. but your monitor won’t turn on. Reasons Why a Monitor Won’t Turn On There are many reasons why a […]

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Internet Users in Australia

Latest Survey Results on Internet Users in Australia A recent study (March 2017) undertaken by Roy Morgan Research and RMIT University quantifies the magnitude of internet users in Australia currently and also over the previous four years from 2014.  The findings of the study are provided for different geographic areas as well as according to […]

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Mac Repairs Mount Gravatt

Apple Repairs Mount Gravatt Have you just searched “Mac Repairs Mount Gravatt/” and are looking for expert and trustworthy Mac repairs in the Mount Gravatt area?  We are highly experienced Apple Mac repairers located just 10  minutes drive north of you in Coorparoo via Logan and Cavendish Roads. Types of Mac Repairs We repair all […]

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Australian Use of the Internet at Home

Internet Capable Devices People Use at Home  From the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2014-2015 and the Use of Information Technology in the Home report, there is an increase in Australian’s use of the internet and internet devices. The number of households with Internet access rose from 83% in 2012-13 to 86% in 2014-15.  Today the […]

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What to Look For in a Computer?

Which Computer to Buy? In 2017 when asking what to look for in a computer we have so many different choices at much lower prices than ever before.  So let us start by looking at what is now the typical computer in the home? Types of Computers 2017 PCs, Laptops and All-In-One Computers Over the […]

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