Fix For Windows 10 Cumulative Update KB5000802

Fix For Windows 10 Cumulative Update KB5000802 and Windows 10 Version 2004

As recently as Friday 12th March 2021 Microsoft has installed the Cumulative Update KB5000802 for Windows 10 which creates a BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) when you try and print a document. The BSOD flashes on the screen for 3 seconds or so then the computer reboots and when it has rebooted everything seems as it was, Desktop icons and programs and files all appear as they were. On saying that, if you crashed with the BSOD then some data could have been lost if you were editing a document or some such.

We here at Affordable Computer Repairs and Service have seen this 4 times in 3 days (Monday 15th to Wednesday 17th) and each occurrence was the same and the Windows 10 version was 2004. To find your Windows 10 version type in “winver” without the quotes in the white box at the bottom left of the screen.  If this problem has occurred on your Windows Version 2004, then the below fix for Windows 10 Cumulative Update KB5000802 may well be your answer.

First Backup and Create a Restore Point Prior to Un-installing

Before un-installing this cumulative update we would always recommend that a backup of the files and data that you have on the computer be done as well as creating a Restore Point as well. We have another document detailing Restore Points so that will not be covered here. Failing that just google it.

Un-install Windows Update KB500802

After the backups have been done and the Restore Point created then proceed to Settings (cog wheel) and then to Updates and Security. Under the heading of Updates click “View Update History” then “Uninstall updates”. Then search for the following update: KB5000802. As above it should be there somewhere with a date it was installed. The most recent will be at the top. Click Uninstall (usually in blue) near the top of the page. The uninstall will start and when completed your computer will reboot.

Our Experience in This Fix For Windows Update KB5000802

On reboot the percentage figure will run from 0% to 100% and you will be greeted with your login screen, proceed as normal.

On one occurrence all the Desktop icons disappeared on the other 3 they didn’t so you may have 100% success or not. Now try printing something and it should work as before.

We would strongly suggest that you pause updates for 35 days by clicking 5 times on “Pause Updates” this will give you 5 weeks of breathing space before then next updates occur.

A computer I “fixed” on Monday with the above problem re-installed the update the next day (Tuesday) and I was informed of this fact early morning Wednesday hence the need to pause updates.

The file concerned according to the BSOD is win32kfull.sys with the STOP CODE: APC Index Mismatch.

A Google search of this reveals: Apc_Index_Mismatch is an error caused by “incompatible drivers or faulty hardware”. Obviously, it’s not hardware so a driver has been corrupted by the KB5000802 update.

This website explains more.

win32kfull.sys is one of the many kernel mode device drivers in Windows 10 and obviously has something to do with printing.

I have seen this problem with a Kyocera printer, as in the beeping computer web page, but also on other printers as well, so it does not appear to be localised just to Kyocera.

Until Microsoft can get to fix this KB5000802 issue there seems to be nothing else but to uninstall the update and then stop all further updates for at least 5 weeks.

If you need any assistance, then please contact us as we can do the work detailed above if this is what you require.

Article provided by David from Affordable Computer Repairs and Service

Fix For Windows 10 Cumulative Update KB5000802




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