How Good is Windows Defender?

Windows Defender that comes default with Windows 10 is generally agreed upon to be an improvement on previous versions of this anti virus software, but how good is it?

There are totally conflicting options on the net regarding the performance of Windows Defender. Some tech website recommend this default anti virus program beyond many of the true and tried third party protection programs that Windows users have been using in the past.

However on the other side of the coin there are technical advice articles that still strongly recommend that Windows users keep using the more popular anti virus programs – kept up to date naturally.

Some tech experts recommend only using Windows Defender if your protection needs are only basic. Thus if you engage in just surfing the net, using social networks they believe Windows Defender is up to the job. However should you do a lot of downloading off the net, these writers argue that Windows Defender is probably not sufficient for this type of use.

Pros of Windows Defender

The latest version of Windows Defender is an improvement on previous Windows developed anti virus programs.
It is free, but then there are many other really good free protection software programs also available.
The program includes cloud protection, a new addition in terms of security features.
Unlike many other free anti virus programs Windows Defender does not keep trying to get you to sign up to more improved programs for a fee.
It comes as a default protection in Windows 10 which means your computer has some protection as soon as Windows 10 is installed.
Windows Defender provides three different scanning options which can be scheduled as well.
The program is easy to use which is a great plus for Windows users.

Cons of Windows Defender

As this anti virus program does not support the context menu it is not possible to scan a specific folder.
According to test results from the Madgeburg lab Windows Defender scores only 9.5 points out of a total of 18 points with many other protection programs scoring much higher.
It is argued that Windows Defender takes up a lot of system resources.

Recommendations from the Experts

Here are some different recommendations from the experts in relation to Windows Defender.

Don’t rely totally on Windows Defender use the likes of Malwarebytes as well.
Make sure that you configure Windows Defender correctly.
Enable automatic updates of Windows Defender.
If you are looking for free antivirus programs consider the alternatives of Bitdefender and Avast or Panda Anti-Virus.
There are still much better anti virus programs such as, Avira, Kaspersky, McAfee, Trend Micro and Norton products that should be used instead.

For more information visit The Windows Club.

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