The History of Computer Repairs

Looking Back into the History of Computer Repairs

The profession of computer repairing is relatively new.  The industry is characterised by an extremely fast turnover of knowledge and skills.  This is due to the rapaid technological advancements.  The history of computer repairs is therefore inextricably interwoven with the history of computers.  This is particularly true for the personal computer.  There are however certain defining factors that have made the computer repair profession what it is today.

The Emergence of Home Computers

Prior to 1980, Apple, Commodore and Tandy Corporation (Radio Shack) manufactured the majority of microcomputers.  As computer parts became cheaper, more and more companies entered the industry.  As a result more affordable computers were produced.  The industry expanded rapidly in the 1980s and personal computer use became widespread.  (For information on the history of computers the Computer History Museum website is really interesting.)

The increased usage of computers brought about the need for a growing number of skilled technicians.

Education Part of a Computer Repair Technician’s Job

In the times before there was a computer (or two) in every household, personal computer users often had only the most basic of computer skills.  Computer technicians would regularly encounter customers with simple computer problems.  Thus often the technicians were required to educate users as part of their repair service.

Try Turning the Power Off and On Again

In the late 80s and early 90s many computers had hardware and software systems functioning in the same way as many others.  The market was also dominated by a handful of major brand names.  Thus ‘early’ history of computer repairs was relatively straightforward.  This contrasts to the vast amount of hardware and software options available today.  Computer technicians are now required to keep pace with an ever-growing market of hardware and software.

history of computer repairs

IBM 650 computer open for repair – 1950s











Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Rise of the Internet

The Internet has impacted upon the computer repair industry more than any other technological innovation.  Increased Internet use has been accompanied by the emergence of cybercrime.  This includes malicious software or ‘malware’ which is intentionally designed to damage computer systems.

There are now many forms of malware.  These include viruses, worms, spyware, trojans, bots, adware, time bombs/logic bombs, etc.  Much computer repair work today is spent recovering and protecting computers from online threats.

Do-it-yourself Computer Repairs

While the widespread use of the Internet has increased the need for computer repairs, it has also resulted in users attempting do-it-yourself repairs.  Users are often turning to online forums and webpages as their first port of call to attempt to fix a technical computer issue.  This can sometimes lead to negative results and often makes the repair process even more difficult.

The Workplace

Computers have become inseparable from seemingly every sphere of modern life.  Correspondingly, the various workplaces in which a computer technician has had to negotiate have also expanded.  With every market and industry recognising the advantages that computers can bring, technicians are often needed on site.  Sometimes in potentially hazardous locations.

computer repair history

Technician conducts maintenance aboard the amphibious assault ship USS Kearsarge












Source: Wikipedia Commons

Computer Repair History

This brief snapshot describing some of the key aspects of the history of computer repairs highlights the uniqueness of this constantly evolving profession.  As the requirements of the industry have advanced (often at a frenetic pace), those passionate about the industry have acquired knowledge.  They have also adapted and tailored their services to deliver to meet the needs of their valued customers.

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