Why is my wireless Mouse or Keyboard not Working? Section One

Wireless mouse or keyboard not working?  There is nothing more frustrating than sitting down to work – or play (updating your Facebook page for example) and your keyboard or mouse does not work… Use our check list and suggestions and hopefully you will find a solution quickly allowing you to work on your PC, laptop or Mac.


Try re-booting your computer; it’s amazing how many problems are solved by simply restarting your laptop, PC or Mac.

On Switch

A really simple solution could be that for some unknown reason your mouse has been turned off – your children playing a prank on you? On the underside of your mouse make sure that the switch is on the On position.

USB Receiver Port

There may be a problem with the USB port that the receiver is plugged into. Just remove the USB receiver, count to 10 slowly and then plug in the receiver to a different USB port. The closer the USB port is to the mouse and keyboard the better so if you have the option of a USB port in the front of your computer insert the USB receiver to that port.


Your difficulties could be caused by batteries being at the end of their life. We recommend you replace the alkaline batteries with new ones even when the software for your keyboard/mouse show that the batteries still have a charge. Most keyboards have the battery located on the underside of the keyboard. Obviously it’s vital that you put the battery in the correct way around, there will be a + sign to indicate the positive position for the batteries.

The Receiver Distance

For your wireless mouse and keyboard to work properly they need to be within 30 centre metres, a ruler length from the receiver. Make sure that the receiver is on the same level surface and close enough to your mouse and keyboard for it to work properly.

Re-install the Device Drivers

If your keyboard or mouse device came with your new laptop, PC or Mac you can try re-installing the original drivers.

If your mouse or keyboard did not come with your computer you will need to check on the manufactures website of your device for drivers and download them.

New Keyboard or Mouse

If you have purchased a new mouse or keyboard and they are not functioning it could be because you need to remove the software for your previous devices. In order to do this you need to go to Start, select Control Panel, select Add/Remove Programs and then delete any software relating to your mouse/keyboard – please do be careful!

Once this is done you need to re-boot your computer before installing the new keyboard/mouse software. To do this firstly check the status of your mouse and keyboard in the Device Manager.

Once you have opened the Device Manager select the + sign next to the keyboard or mouse device.

If your keyboard or mouse device is now shown in Device Manager then they have not been recognised by the computer. If this occurs you need to turn the keyboard or mouse off and then on again and re-sync your devices.

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why is my wireless mouse and keyboard not working

 Why is my wireless Mouse or Keyboard not Working?

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