Why and how to use Windows Safe Mode

What is Safe Mode Used For?

Safe Mode is used to fix Windows problems when it is not possible to boot up into the normal Windows Mode.  Safe mode allow as a means to gain limited access to Windows as it bypass startup programs and drives that are not required for Windows.

How To Use Safe Mode:

In general Safe Mode is used just like you use Windows normally except that certain parts of Windows may no longer be available and your computer may not function as quickly.

Force Boot into Safe Mode:

Safe Mode Options:

There are three different Safe Mode options available and each is used for different things as described below.

Safe Mode

As mentioned before safe mode starts Windows with only the minimum drivers and services that are necessary to start the operating system.  You should choose safe mode if you can’t boot into Windows normally and you need to resolve your computer issues.  In safe mode Windows runs without most device drivers and operates using the standard VGA graphics mode and have a very low screen resolution.

You will know when you are in safe mode as the desktop background will be a solid black colour and the words safe mode are seen at the four corners of the screen. On the top of the screen you will also be able to see the current Windows build and service pack level.

Safe Mode with Networking

Like the above, safe mode with networking starts Windows with the minimum requirements for booting a machine – however this mode also allows the user to access the internet.  This mode should be selected if you believe you may need to download programs to assist you in repairing your machine or if you want the option to surf the net to find solutions to your PC fault.

Safe Mode with Command Prompt

The only difference between safe mode and safe mode with command prompt is that safe mode with command prompt is loaded as the default user interface instead of Explorer.  Usually this mode is only selected if you have tried booting in safe mode but the taskbar, desktop and start screen are not available.

Safe Mode Availability:

Safe Mode is available in Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and older versions of Windows as well.

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Why and how to use Windows Safe Mode

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