Symptoms of a failed Power Supply

Computer Repairs – Symptoms of a failed Power Supply

Typically power supplies just die without giving you any warnings.  However there are instances where some warning is given and if any of the following problems are occurring on your computer it may be that the power supply is failing:-

  • Laptop or PC randomly turns off
  • Fan no longer working
  • Fan emits a buzzing sound
  • Blue screen of death
  • If there are system start up failures, memory errors, hard disk corruption or USB power issues
  • You hear a high pitched whining sound
  • Machine turns off for a few seconds before turning back on
  • Computer is turned on but does not boot
  • PC or laptop takes longer than usual to boot or power down
  • Strange noises from the back of the PC
  • You hear a series of rapid short beeps when booting your computer
  • You get a whiff of a burning smell

Please, please if you get any of these symptoms and you need to take action to prevent further damage occurring, you can call us on 3397 1215.  An overheated or overloaded power supply has the potential to send voltage surges through your PC or laptop which can destroy other components within your computer.

How to check if you have a Failed Power Supply

If you are not getting any of the above symptoms and it is just a case of no power to your machine, firstly make sure that you are not missing the obvious.

  • Check that the machine is properly connected to power, check for lose cables, it might be an idea to unplug and replug your power connections.
  • Secondly check the wall power socket, plug in another home appliance that you know works to detect if this is maybe the culprit.
  • Thirdly if you are using an extension cable, connect the computer without the cable so that you can rule out a faulty extension cable as the problem.

Having done this and you still have no power or power to the monitor, to other peripherals or to your computer and there are no lights on the system unit it is likely that your power supply has burnt out.  Sometimes customers think that if they hear no sound and have no monitor activity when they press the power up button that it is a faulty switch, but this is not usually the case, it is more likely to be a burnt out power supply.

What to do if you have a Failed Power Supply

The good news – luckily the replacement of a faulty power supply is not an expensive computer repair job.  We charge $125 an hour for the labour of replacing your power supply – as well as the cost of the new power supply itself which is usually around the $60 mark.


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symptoms of a failed power supply

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