How To Detect Hidden Threats With Network Monitoring

When using your computer on the Internet there is no real way that Microsoft allows you to see exactly what is happening behind the scenes. Who or what is your computer “talking” to? Where is all your data allowance going? Is your RSP (Retail Service Provider – used to be called ISP Internet Service Provider) telling you that all your monthly data has been used up?

If you think this applies to you then we have found a software program called Glasswire that can help determine why your monthly data allowance has disappeared or who is stalking your computer. It is a free downloadable program and once installed it can then monitor your network. The program monitors not only your computer but also others on the same network. All this delivered in easy to read graphical screens.

Glasswire for Network Monitoring

Spyware and Malware

Glasswire can detect spyware, malware, badly behaving programs (apps) and anyone who is a bandwidth hog, for example, the kids playing their games or downloading movies etc. If need be, these ‘hogs’ can have their connections blocked.

Network Changes

This program can also warn you of network-related changes to your computer or unusual changes to your programs that could indicate malware of some description, thereby alerting you to run anti-virus scans before damage or too much damage is done.

Unknown Devices

If you are running your computers on Wi-Fi, Glasswire can alert you to new unknown devices joining your Wi-Fi network. This can be an enormous help if you suspect that your Wi-Fi password has been compromised or that someone is trying to use your Wi-fi network unauthorised.

New Program Accessing

This program also alerts you every time a new program accesses the network (cabled or Wi-Fi) and then it can be blocked if necessary. Again this assists in stopping malware or a physical person who should not have access to your data.

Time Machine

Glasswire also has a unique feature whereby their network “Time Machine” allows you to see what your computer has been doing whilst you have been away from it. Therefore, you will not have to sit 24/7 watching your network and computers constantly. The program will track down data usage or malicious attempts to infiltrate your network and take data or deliver viruses.

Network Analysis

In addition, this program assists in detecting threats with network monitoring by providing a detailed network analysis usage statistics broken down by IP/Host, program, network traffic types and more. This allows you to determine who is doing what and how much Google Chrome is accessing the network, or who has been using Skype for example.

There is a graph showing Incoming and Outgoing statistics all in easily read graphical presentations. Another useful feature is the Hosts section which shows which Hosts have been contacted and where they are situated, assuming they are not hidden by VPNs or other “cloaking” means.

A further option is a turn-on feature with “Ask to connect” mode to allow or deny new program connections. Again this helps stop unwanted programs or people accessing programs and data they shouldn’t – kids and their games or other “adult sites?”

Microsoft and Android Compatible

Glasswire is available for Microsoft Windows computers as well as for Android. This program is basically a fully functioning Firewall for your computer and network.


The popularity of this software is obvious with nearly 20 million downloads by mid 2020.

There are two versions the free Basic and a paid Glasswire Pro, Basic or Elite.

Android Authority, PC World and Lifehacker have all provided positive reviews about this program.

So, if you want to see what’s happening on your computer or network then try Glasswire’s Firewall. It could well be what you are looking for.

We hope that this article on how to detect hidden threats with network monitoring is of use to you. If you need assistance, then please do not hesitate to contact us here at Affordable Computer Repairs. FYI If you have unfortunately obtained a malware infection, we are experts in malware removal.

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