No Sound coming from your Computer

When there is no sound comingĀ from your computer there are many potential causes for this problem.

The Obvious

Check the sound settings on your speakers someone (one of your children?) may have turned the sound off.

Check the sound settings on your computer – it may inadvertently have been turned to mute. Depending on your operating system there may be a small sound icon on the bottom right of your screen, click on this and check the sound settings.

Make sure that your headphones are not plugged in – if they are your speakers will be disabled and this could be the cause of no sound.

See if it is your speakers that have gone on the blink by plugging in headphones or another set of speakers.

Check to see if your cables have become loose or disconnected. It may also be that the cables are no longer working properly, switch the sound cables with other cables to eliminate this as the issue.

Make sure the sound card is enabled in the Device Manager of your computer.

The Not So Obvious

Your audio drivers might be out-of-date, this can occur due to windows updates.

Codecs may be missing, in this instance, you need to install the audio codecs that are relevant for the version of windows that you are running.

A potentially relatively quick fix is to try a system restore – choose an earlier period when hopefully you didn’t have the sound problem and restore your system to that point in time. If it doesn’t work choose an earlier time point.

Check with windows audio service, this may solve the problem.

You could reinstall the audio drivers from the device manager.


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If none of the above solves your problem, you may have a defective sound card which you will need to replace. Unless you are computer savvy you will need to obtain the assistance from a computer repair business. Contact us today onĀ 3397 1215 or 0409 974 707.

No Sound coming from your Computer

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