5 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Old Computer

 Out With the Old and In With the New?

At Affordable Computer Repairs and Service we build and install new PC’s as well as repair PC’s, laptops and Macs.  Thus it’s in our interest to suggest that you buy a new PC (from us of course) as well as keep your old computer (so if it fails we can repair it of course!)

Thus the following 5 reasons for keeping your old computer is relatively unbiased as we have a stake in both markets.

Why you should keep your old computer…

  1. If you are still happy with the way that your computer works for you, why replace it? If the speed of operation is good, it’s not overheating, shutting down or causing you any sort of grief, like a good friend it is worth holding onto.  That’s not to say that there aren’t newer and better machines out there but sometimes a trusty computer is all that we need.   If it’s a matter of keeping up with the Joneses, why not buy a swanky new monitor and hide the old tower under the desk.   Just make sure that your system supports the capabilities of your new monitor.
  2. There is no way around it; a new computer requires a great deal of set-up time.  Even for us (and we do plenty of it for clients) setting up a new Mac, PC or laptop is a boring and time consuming job.
  3. Unless you buy a custom built PC from Mark your new computer purchase is more than likely to contain a great deal of ‘bloat’.  Unless you know which applications, programs etc that can be safely deleted the some of the extra storage space and ram that you have paid for is going to be swallowed up by unnecessary and unwanted ‘bloat’.
  4. Some old programs simply will not run on some new platforms.  If you have a fairly old accounting system for example you may need to upgrade to a newer version.  Upgrades from older programs from some time ago to the latest versions are often not done without quite a few headaches.  If your use of these programs is fairly simple and all is going well, then consider this when contemplating a brand new machine.  Custom written programs may require a large investment in programming…
  5. We live in such a disposable world these days; do you really want to add your faithful, trusty computer to the 19.71kg of e-waste that the average Australian disposes of each year?  This figure comes from a study by the Economist Intelligence Unit which revealed that of the 19.71kg of e-waste created by each Australian each year, around 30% of this is comprised of digital and audio-visual items…

keep your old computer

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