iPads vs Laptops

iPads vs Laptops

Pros of iPads over Laptops


iPads are a great entertainment device and if this is all you need from the device is web browsing, watching movies and Facebook then iPads are a better choice than a laptop.

Battery Life

iPads last for around 8 and up to 12 hours of constant use without needing to be charged. Unless you have a new laptop this far exceeds the battery life of the average laptop.

Always on Standby

Laptops require some time to boot while iPads are always on standby and ready for use. When the power button is pressed on an iPad, it goes into standby and yet remains connected to the internet so alerts from email or Facebook can still be heard.


iPads are much cheaper and available for under $600.

Portability and Convenience

With the exception of some of the more expensive laptops, iPads are smaller and lighter than laptops making them more portable and convenient to use. It is also more comfortable to use an iPad as it doesn’t get too warm – there are no fans as well so there is no noise.

Voice Dictation

New iPads come with voice dictation which means that as long as you don’t have a strong accent you won’t have to type much at all. There is no training required like there was with older voice-recognition systems – words and punctuation are simply spoken and text appears – it is usually very accurate.


For some people, a touchscreen is considered far superior to a mouse and keyboard and it is possible to become very fast in typing and interacting with the iPad using the touchscreen. It is noted that some laptops now come with a touchscreen.

Avid Reader

iPads make a great e-reader and have greater versatility than a standard e-reader such as a Kindle.

Intuitive Interface

In general, the iPad is very easy to use, to attach photos, post on Facebook, email and upload a video to YouTube.


If you have children, iPads are a great learning device for them.


iPads come with many built-in apps such as YouTube vie, email, photo and video viewer, email, maps, calendar, weather forecasts, notepad and reminders. There are many, many (hundreds of thousands) other apps also available from the App Store.

Whilst you can’t get a Microsoft-office equivalent there is Pages, Numbers and Keynote which perform similar functions.

Pros of Laptops over iPads


iPads are a subset of laptops in terms of their abilities. With a laptop, you can burn music CDs and DVDs which you can’t with an iPad. It is also difficult to print from an iPad. iPads also do not have Microsoft Office, however, similar applications are available.


A new laptop’s hard drive has around ten times more storage than an iPad. Also, it is easy to add more storage too, such as external hard disks which are relatively inexpensive.

With the exception of cloud storage, there is no way of adding storage to an iPad. Cloud storage has the disadvantage of sometimes slow loading and sometimes needing to convert files.

Keyboard and Mouse

There are definite advantages to having a keyboard and mouse, although it is acknowledged that iPad users can become very accomplished with the touchscreen.


Laptops with the right software can display or play almost any file whilst the iPad is much more restrictive. With an iPad, it is often necessary to convert files, particularly for videos before they can be played.

Power and Speed

Laptops, as they are bigger than iPads, are quicker and house larger more powerful components.

iPads vs Laptops

Ultimately the choice is yours but we hope that by providing the pros and cons of each device we have helped you in making your decision.


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