How to Avoid Windows 10 Updates

Windows 10 Updates

Are you one of many seeking to find out how to avoid Windows 10 updates? Unfortunately we are sorry to say that with Windows 10 you cannot avoid updates from Microsoft. You can delay them for a while but not for ever… This “feature” was built into Windows 10.

Updates in Previous Windows OS

In previous Operating Systems (OS) you could turn off or check for updates but not install them, now not allowed anymore with Win 10.

Delaying Windows 10 Updates

With Windows 10 Professional you can delay up to 30 days any updates but they still get you eventually. This “feature” seems to be the devil and the deep blue sea options or in Australia Buckley’s or none.

Why People Do Not Want Windows 10 Updates

Windows 10 updates do kill many Windows computers which were running happily and now after the update they don’t. This is more prevalent on computers which have been updated from a previous OS (Windows 7 or 8.1) but it is not confined to only them is seems.

Many people report that all was well until the update. This seems to happen frequently with updates killing the network cards – either wireless or the Ethernet port whereby there is no Internet access. It is difficult to get another “update” to fix the problem.

Microsoft Windows Software Testing

Microsoft just does not do enough “testing” before releasing their software. But as many Windows users know over the 20+ years of updates through the Internet this is nothing new. Microsoft release software or updates and then “fixes” any issues found. Basically they get you and me to do their work for them. Sad but true. Do a Google search of “Windows 10 sucks” and you will get 1.45 million hits. Enough said.

Microsoft’s behaviour with Windows 10 is disappointing to say the least. In an attempt to drive more users to Windows 10 since August 2015 they cut corners and use scaremongering about the “dangers” of Windows 7 to frighten people to update. FUD – Fear Uncertainty and Doubt, this is what they are trying to generate.

Seemingly the Future of Microsoft

Microsoft appears now to be all about revenue.  We see this with increased advertising within Windows 10, selling apps to people and the push for Office 365. Many Windows 10 updates are not only about selling you new “apps” but also third party programs. For example if you have their bitter enemy Google Chrome installed on your computer the April 2017 update now delivers pop-up advertisements onto the Chrome icon in the Windows 10 taskbar. I have been told by customers that they have seen them pushing Microsoft Personal Shopping Assistant there.

March 2017 Windows Update

The March/April 2017 Update (called the Creators Update by Microsoft) sees the Start Menu and the Lock screen promoting Windows App store content. With about 500 “apps” it is a far cry from Apples Store which has over 500,000 “apps”.

It appears that Microsoft is monetising Windows 10 and the more updates that are delivered the more ads that we can probably expect to appear.

Microsoft has announced another big update called the “Fall Creators Update” which will be out in our spring (fall in the USA). Is this more advertising by Microsoft trying to make Windows 10 pay or will it be more of a technology update? We will have to wait and see.

Microsoft –WPD-2/22/2016 12:00:00am – 5.2.5326.4762

With the latest update, the Creators Update, there are again problems and issues have arisen with a mysterious driver for Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7. Listed as “Microsoft –WPD-2/22/2016 12:00:00am – 5.2.5326.4762” users have been left wondering how to fix the problem with this faulty driver issue.

Windows 8.1 and 7 users can ignore it as it was listed as an “optional update”, not so for poor Windows 10 people.  As Windows 10 does not create restore points automatically users can be left with a broken Operating System with no real easy way to go back. Microsoft was quick to acknowledge the problem with a post on the company “Answers Forum” admitting: “An incorrect device driver was released for Windows 10, on March 8, 2017, that affected a small group of users with connected phones or portable devices. After installation, these devices are not detected properly by Windows 10, but are affected in no other way. We removed the driver from Windows Update the same day, but if the driver had already installed, you may still be having this issue.”

But this is the kernel of Microsoft’s updates on all versions of Windows since Windows 95. They create an update don’t do enough testing then release it in “the wild”.  Then it seems that they sit back and wait for you and me to test it for them. Before Windows 10, users had the choice to decide about updates and installing potentially incorrect software which “breaks” their computers, now with the forced updates in Windows 10 there is no choice. Not connecting your computer to the Internet so that updates don’t break it? Big choice there!

As to the “small group of users” mentioned above, do Microsoft really know the numbers of effected users, or is this just playing down the issue as per usual? The bad news, yet again with Windows 10, is that we will all eventually fall into Microsoft’s “small number of users” category and since August 1st 2015 a lot have, some several times.

Windows 10 Home Users

Microsoft has talked about giving more control to Windows 10 Home users (the vast majority) in the matter of updates, but we will just have to wait and see…

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How to Avoid Windows 10 Updates

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