Easy computer pranks to pull on your co-workers or friends or family

There are dozens of easy computer pranks that you can pull on friends or foe available on the net, in this article I have provided some of the easiest, most amusing and most effective pranks.

Mouse Pranks

There are three easy pranks that you can pull with the computer mouse.

With an optical mouse you can easily create confusion by sticking a piece of transparent tape over the optical senor.  When the computer user tries to use the mouse, the cursor won’t move…

Another mouse prank is to switch the clicking buttons.  Go to the Control Panel and switch the primary buttons so that the left clicking button becomes right and visa versa, sit back and enjoy the fun.

A third easy mouse prank involves slowing down the click rate, again go to Control Panel and simply move the mouse speed to slow.


Create great confusion, simply unplug the keyboard or mouse from the computer.  You could also unplug the computer itself and enjoy the results when they try to boot up in the morning.

Embarrassing Start Up Page

In Internet Explorer surf the net and choose a webpage guaranteed to embarrass the computer user.  Select Tools from the select Internet Options and make that page the home page.  This is a classic and fun prank to pull on the unsuspecting user.

Change the Language on the Computer

If Google is set to their home page, select Tools, Internet Options then Language and change the language – next time they surf the net, they will be in for a big surprise.

Network Down

This simple prank involves unplugging the network cable from the back of the computer.  The poor user will not be able to access the internet or any of their files on the network.

No Desktop Icons

To make a users desktop icons disappear you need to right-click on their desktop background and select the first option View, then unclick the Show desktop icons options and wait for the result.

No Text

This super easy pranks is extremely easy and fun – simply change the default font colour to with and the poor computer users writing will become invisible.

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Easy Computer Pranks

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