Desktop OS Market Share 2017

Desktop Operating System Market Share January 2017

Today we have Windows 10 which has been out on the market since 1st August 2015 so 18 months later let’s take a look at where it is in terms of desktop os market share according to a company called

By typing “Windows 10 sucks” and using a Google search engine and the program Chrome we see that there are today 1,520,000 results from our search.

Interestingly using Firefox and Google search engine the same number appears.

Even more interesting using Firefox and search engine (Bing being Microsoft’s search engine) we find the astonishing figure of 47,800,000. Mmmmm

I tried as the search engine and Firefox as the browser and unfortunately it seems that Yahoo cannot count as no number appeared as in the number of hits.

Just to be fair I tried and it is the same as it cannot count as well.

2017 Desktop OS Market Share

Back to and the results for desktop OS market share in 2017 interestingly enough are:

Windows 7 = 47.2% the clear winner

Windows 10 = 25.3%

Windows XP = 9.2%

Windows 8.1 = 6.9%

Mac OSX 10.12 = 2.75%

Linux = 2.27%

Mac OSX 10.11 = 1.7%

Other = 4.69%

The site breaks it down more finally as you can see but the major players are above.

Basically Linux has 2.27%.

Apple Mac OSX or macOS as it is now called has 6.32% market share.

Microsoft has 91.41%

Windows 8.1 and 10 Uptake

As far as Microsoft forcing Windows 10 on all Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 users very aggressively for a full 12 month period (1st August 2015 to 31st July 2016) and “updating” people overnight who then find a “Congratulations we upgraded you to Windows 10” message the next morning it would seem many people somehow dodged “the bullet”. Well done you with Windows 10 desktop market share being just 25.3%.  If you are wondering why we make this comment please read our blog on Is Windows 10 The Best Windows Operating System?

Desktop Browser Market Share January 2017

Having looked at desktop OS market share, now lets look at desktop browser market share, again as at January 2017.

Chrome = 57.94%

Microsoft Internet Explorer = 19.71%

Firefox = 11.77%

Microsoft Edge = 5.48%

Safari = 3.47%

Opera = 1.28%

Proprietary or Undetectable = 0.19%

Knoqueror = 0.01%

Android Browser = 0.01%

Mozilla = 0%

IE Still Holding Strong

Well no big surprise there with Chrome well ahead and amazingly with Microsoft wanting to kill Internet Explorer (IE) dead it comes in at number 2 and Firefox looking at losing more ground? The dreadful Microsoft Edge beats Safari somehow, I’ll never know how though. Ever tried using it? No?  Well don’t bother.

Geek Pub Speak Warning

I will relate a true story of when a tech mate (yes we Geeks meet at the pub and swap Geek Speak!) last used Microsoft Edge about 16 months ago. He related how a customer with a brand new laptop and Windows 10 wanted Chrome Browser. Using Edge he typed in two words “download chrome”…

As the story goes, just at this time the the customer asked a question just as the results appeared and he chose the first entry,  downloaded and turned to talk to the customer. Once the download finished he ran the ”Chrome Install”, or so he thought…

As he relates it, it did look different but he just thought Google had changed things – we we all relate to and know that Google isn’t likely to ring us (or you) up and tell us that they had changed their install are they? Unfortunately what he had done was selected an infected virus laden non Google program and suddenly the computer as heavily infected.  This meant that the tech had no choice but to reinstall from “factory defaults”.  This is time consuming and an hour later my mate was back to where he started.

The lesson learnt is to be super careful and whilst we all know the big companies hate each other this is really stooping very very low.

IE Is Still Available

You may not be aware that Internet Explorer is still available with Windows 10 – just look under Program Files and there is a directory called Internet Explorer. Under there is iexplorer.exe run it and pin it to your Task Bar.

Desktop Search Engine Market Share January 2017

Now having looked at both desktop OS market share and desktop browser market share, the results below are desktop search engine market shares as at January 2017.

Bing (Microsoft) = 7.15%

Baidu = 5.59%

Yahoo = 5.55%

Ask = 0.20%

AOL = 0.05%

Excite = 0.02%

No big surprise here again with Google the clear winner.

Recommendations Regarding Search Engines

I consider Ask (was Ask Jeeves) and Baidu as adware/viruses as they take you to websites that are in their own “Domain” so to speak. Basically you are not searching the whole Internet. I would advise using both with extreme caution or better still removing them as search engines. They both get “paid” to get browsing computers/people to “their” advertising web sites. They are considered as “infections” in the computer and many virus removal programs will removed them. Such a program as Adwcleaner now owned by Malwarebytes will remove them.

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