Computer Jokes and Tricks

Simple and Fun Computer Jokes and Tricks

Here are some more simple and funny computer jokes and tricks that you can pull on friends, co-workers and family.

Turn a Laptop Screen Upside Down Computer Joke

Create confusion by turning the laptop screen upside down.  This is easy to do, just press Ctrl+Alt+ one of the arrow keys and the screen will flip upside down.  It is also easy to reverse this by simply pressing Ctrl+Alt+Up.

Hide Icons Computer Trick

Have some more fun, right-click on a blank part of the desktop – a pop-up menu will come up headed Arrange Icons By, select this and de-click Show Desktop Icons. All the icons will disappear and the poor unsuspecting user will be befuddled. To get the icons back again just repeat the simple process.

Change Sounds Computer Joke

This prank is also very easy and effective. Open the Control panel and select Sounds and Audio Devices.  Then select the Sounds tab and select one of the different noises that the computer can make.  Re-do to return it to normal.

Message on the System Clock Joke

The system clock appears on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen – you can add any text above the clock such as “You are not working hard enough!”. Again open the Control Panel, select Region and Language, then Additional Settings followed by Time. Then add in the text. It is easy to return to normal by repeating the steps and deleting the text.

Busy Mouse Pointer Trick

This is also simple and very funny.  Once again select the Control Panel, then select Mouse, followed by Pointers. Now change the Normal Pointer to the Busy one.  The unsuspecting victim will think that their computer is hanging. Again just redo the steps to return to the normal mode.

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computer jokes and tricks

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