Am I Safe From Malware?

 Is Anyone Safe From a Malware Infection?

No, even with the best protection and most vigilant user, no computer, mobile phone or other device is ever 100% safe from a malware infection.

To ensure that your computer and devices have the least chance of picking up some form of malware please read this article.

Why You Are Not Safe From Malware…

The main reason is that new malware is being written all the time.  New malware software is written so as to try and bypass anti-malware software – and then do its main task of damaging your machine or stealing information.

So… often your anti-virus software is one step behind new malware programs.  Once anti-malware software businesses detect that a new form of malware is able to bypass their anti-virus software, the anti-virus software is updated to prevent this from happening – but that could be too late for you…

Naturally if you have reputable anti-malware software active and automatically updated, your changes of obtaining a virus infection are considerably reduced.  As at the time of writing this article (November 2014) we recommend Microsoft Essentials, Malwarebytes and SuperAntispyware to be effective malware detectors and virus protection tools.

Not going to websites that are particularly attractive to cybercriminals will also provide you with a higher degree of safety from infection.

Who is Most Likely to Obtain a Malware Infection?

As you would expect you are far more likely to obtain a malware infection if you are not using any form of anti-virus software – 5.5 times more likely!

The ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) provides some interesting statistics of internet usage and malware awareness and protection by age of Australian internet users.

Given that 18 to 34 year old Australians are more likely to use the internet than other age groups (source ACMA); we would expect that they are more likely to obtain some form of malware on their machines.  This is even more expected when we look at the type of use they are making of the internet.  According to ACMA young Australian adults aged 18 to 34 years are more likely to be users of social networking and internet banking than older Australian internet users.

Even more telling in relation to likelihood of obtaining a malware infection is that the youngest (and oldest) age groups were less likely to use protection again malware.

It seems safe therefore to assume that younger Australian internet users (having such high usage of internet banking and social media plus less likely to protect their computers) – are the population group in Australia most likely to end up with a malware infection.

am i safe from malware

Am I Safe From Malware?

The Simple Answer is No!

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