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Top Ten Mechanical Keyboards

Top Ten Mechanical Keyboards 2018 You may just be a casual gamer, or a dedicated, “hard-core” gaming aficionado. Whichever it might happen to be, a lot of people tend to focus too much on the system specifications like the CPU and graphics card, and often overlook the user input devices which are a key part […]

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Windows 10 Update Problems

Three Years On with Windows 10 Be aware that you may experience Windows 10 Update Problems (… and be sure to take a few simple steps to minimise the risk of down-time and data loss as a result of Windows 10 update problems) Almost three years after its launch and some users of Microsoft’s Windows […]

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PC Setup – How to Set Up a PC

Step One – PC Setup After taking delivery of ing a new desktop PC – whether you bought a branded (ie HP Acer, ASUS, etc ) you need to spend some time to perform an intial or first-time PC setup in order to get it running. This includes plugging in all necessary cables, a monitor […]

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How to Connect a Printer to a Computer

Three Ways to Connect a Printer to a Computer There are generally 3 ways to connect a printer to a computer or iPad. USB connection directly from computer to the printer. This applies to a Windows computer or an Apple computer, but not an iPad. Ethernet cable from printer to router or switch, therefor the […]

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Facebook and Security

To Facebook or not to Facebook – that is the question. After the current fiasco with Facebook giving away the data of 87 million of their users to Cambridge Analytica many people are asking this question and frankly so they should.  And even if they are not asking whether or not to keep their Facebook […]

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How to Connect a Wireless Printer

Ten Steps on How to Connect a Wireless Printer So you’ve bought a new printer which has wifi connection capabilities and now you need to connect it to your computer… Great, then let’s start. Step One – Setup Your Wireless Printer The first step is to setup your printer and install the ink cartridges/toner cartridges, […]

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Why Is My Computer Slow?

Computer Running Slow? Computers are no different to any other electrical/electronic device.  They have been made with built-in obsolescence and hence performance declines and a computer slows.  We here at Affordable Computer Repairs and Service get asked this question frequently.  In fact we get asked why a clients computer is slow on just about a […]

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Why Do Computers Break Down?

Top Reasons for Computer Failure Being a computer repair business in Brisbane we are definitely the people in the know as to why computers break down.  Based on our experience, the top reasons for computers breaking down include some form of damage such as from water, heat, accidents, power surges and burnouts as well as […]

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Dictionary of Computer Terms

This is a Dictionary of Computer Terms We will add to this dictionary of computer terms over time, but thought we might as well publish some of our definitions for different computer terms that we have already pondered upon. Architecture Architecture is used to describe the manner in which a computer system has been designed […]

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Replacing the Motherboard in All-In-Ones and iMacs

What are All-In-One Computers? All-In-One computers are a cross between a laptop and a desktop computer.  Whilst there are many different models of All-In-Ones there are essentially Windows based All-In-Ones and iMacs.  When it comes to replacing the motherboard in All-In-Ones and iMacs it is a cross between replacing a motherboard in a laptop and […]

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