When is it time to upgrade or replace your computer?

Upgrade or Replace your PC or Laptop?

It’s a difficult decision to make as to whether or not you should upgrade your PC or laptop. With the continual decline in the price of new machines, you may be tempted to purchase a new machine rather than upgrade. In the article below we discuss when it is likely time to upgrade or replace your current computer.

It is possible that with upgrading you can give your machine a new lease of life and the improved performance might need your needs every bit as well as buying a new computer. You will have saved money in the process and still have a computer that you are familiar with and maintain the ease of using the machine. However, this is not always the case and in fact, is most often not the case. Importantly, it depends on what components need to be replaced and also there is the issue of warranty which needs to be taken into account.

Does the computer need upgrading or replacing in the first place?

One way of answering this question is to compare the specifications of your existing computer with the fairly new basic model machine. This will highlight where in particular your machine is a deficit and only the really necessary parts could be upgraded as you don’t want to replace all the parts on your machine.

In general, if you are relying on your PC or laptop for work then the guidelines are to upgrade or replace every four years.

One obvious reason for upgrading is when you attempt to install new software or games, and the system does not meet requirements. Remember software is continually evolving and requires more system resources all the time.

Another reason occurs when you have installed new software and this significantly decreases the overall performance of the computer.

In some instances upgrading is an easy answer, for example, if you have run out of disk space the simple solution is to add a second disk or replace the original with a larger capacity hard disk. A new larger screen is also a simple upgrade as is a cordless mouse or a better keyboard.

Another example may be that your aged laptop is just that much bigger and heavier than the new models available. Note too that battery life is considerably longer on new machines.

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When is it time to upgrade or replace your computer?

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