Replacing the Motherboard in All-In-Ones and iMacs

What are All-In-One Computers?

All-In-One computers are a cross between a laptop and a desktop computer. Whilst there are many different models of All-In-Ones there are essentially Windows-based All-In-Ones and iMacs. When it comes to replacing the motherboard in All-In-Ones and iMacs, it is a cross between replacing a motherboard in a laptop and a desktop. There is more space to work in an all-in-one (compared to a notebook or laptop). However All-In-One computers are as individual as laptops are and just as difficult to work on. Due to their design and the fact that they were never really made to be taken apart again once they had been assembled, replacing the motherboard in All-In-Ones can be challenging to say the least.

Problems with Replacing the Motherboard in All-In-Ones and iMacs

Issues with replacing motherboards in All-In-Ones and iMacs can be:

  • Every All-In-One ever made by the world’s computer manufacturers is different from each other. This applies to the Windows computer manufacturers as they seem to think using the same design as the previous model (from about 3 or 4 months ago) is not a good idea.
  • Apple does keep their designs longer but please be aware there can sometimes be subtle differences so checking the Model number and the EMC number is vital before you start.
  • All-In-Ones are complicated and it can be difficult to ascertain where to start. If at all possible find a video on Youtube where someone has already found the pitfalls and steps on how to open up your make and model of computer. As stated above you have to be exact on the make and model.
  • Many screws and connections to remove. The cable connections can be a real challenge as they are all different and it can be difficult to disconnect them, even after watching a “How To” video.
  • Apple iMac connections can be especially delicate to get apart so be extra careful with them.
  • Older (pre-2012) Apple iMacs use Torx screws in their assembly so these screwdrivers will need to be purchased before you begin. Also, a glass puller/holder needs to be used to remove the front glass. Bunnings sell them.
  • Basically to remove the motherboard the whole computer generally needs to be disassembled and is effectively a job for an IT specialist.
  • Good lighting is essential.
  • The cost of a new motherboard for an All-In-One can also be prohibitively expensive as the manufacturers really do want you to buy a new computer.
  • Second-hand motherboards may be available on eBay or the Internet but you may be buying someone else’s problem here, so be careful.
  • Putting it all back together again is the next challenge, as just because it comes apart doesn’t necessarily mean it goes back together again correctly. It is a slow, patient and methodical job.
  • It really comes down to cost and do you have the technical skills to attempt this, it really is for each individual to decide.

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Author: Business Owner and Computer Technician, Mark Kotorac

Replacing the motherboard in All-In-Ones and iMacs

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