Replacing a Motherboard in a Laptop

Considering Replacing a Motherboard in a Laptop or Notebook?

Generally speaking, replacing a motherboard in a laptop (also referred to as notebooks) is a time-consuming and expensive exercise. This is due to the design of laptops and notebooks. In fact, laptops and notebooks are not manufactured to be easily (and cost-effectively) disassembled and reassembled again once they roll off the assembly line. In reality, the majority of laptops currently for sale are really throw-away or disposable items. They are made to last about 3-4 years then be replaced by an updated model.

Issues With Replacing a Motherboard in a Laptop

Issues with replacing a motherboard in a laptop or notebook can include:

    • Supply of new or serviceable replacement parts. Every laptop ever made by the world’s computer manufacturers is different from another. This applies to the same manufacturer as they seem to think using the same design as the previous model (from about 3 or 4 months previous) is not a good idea;


    • Laptops are complicated and it can be difficult to ascertain where to start. If at all possible, find a service manual on the manufacturer’s website, or a video on YouTube where someone has already found the pitfalls and steps on how to open up your make and model of laptop. As stated above, you have to be exact on your particular make and model;


    • Complexity. Many screws and connections to remove. The cable connections can be a real challenge as they are all different and it can be difficult to disconnect them, even after watching a “How To” video;


    • Caution (and care). Basically; to remove the motherboard the whole laptop generally needs to be disassembled and is effectively a job for an IT specialist. Excellent lighting, good workspace and the correct tools are essential;


    • Component design. Most laptop motherboards have a CPU and GPU (video controller) that are integrated (non-removable) and soldered onto the motherboard making it impossible to replace and increasingly, this is also the case for RAM (memory). This limits your flexibility to “repair” and usually adds to the cost of the replacement motherboard;


    • The cost of a new motherboard for a laptop can also be prohibitively expensive as the manufacturers really want you to buy a new computer, for reasons mentioned earlier;


    • Second-hand motherboards may be available on eBay or such like websites but you may be buying someone else’s problem here, so be careful;


    • Reassembly. Putting it all back together again is the next challenge. Just because it comes apart doesn’t necessarily mean it goes back together again correctly or easily. It is a slow, patient and methodical job;


    • Value for money. It really comes down to cost, time, convenience and whether you have the technical skills to attempt something like this. It really is for each individual to decide.

For those considering replacing a motherboard in a laptop, the above issues have probably not made your day! Unfortunately, this is a sign of the times and part of the disposable society that we now live in. It is not impossible to replace a motherboard in a laptop and if after reading the information above you still wish to do so but don’t have the expertise, then please do give us a call (3397 1215 or 0409 974 707 in Brisbane) and we will do our best to assist you.

Replacing a Motherboard in a Laptop