Mac vs PC Debate

Apple Mac vs PC Debate

The Mac vs PC debate is an ongoing and often highly argumentative debate…Below we have tried to provide an unbiased list of the positives and negatives from both sides of the debate.

This blog was originally written in 2016. Since this time (now in September 2019) we have found this to be an increasingly more common question and a question from Mac users who are starting to question the cost of the new Apple computers compared to non-Apple computers. The reason for this, and this is just our experience as a computer repair business in Brisbane, is that the newer Apple computers do not seem to be as durable, that is, last as long as the older Macs…

[In this blog Macs refer to all Apple Mac desktops, laptops and notebooks, while PCs and Laptops refer to non-Apple machines]

Macs are more expensive

This appears to be largely true in that there are a large number of PCs with an average price of around $1,500, whilst the majority of Apple products retail around $1,700 and as much as $4,000 or more for a Mac Pro. However, the price gap is somewhat closing. Mac users argue that the price difference is valid as they are getting a more superior product. This point has its validity with Macs having higher-end UPs, longer battery power and are often lighter and thinner than Windows laptops. Comparing like for like between the two different products, there is not much in the price debate.

PCs get more viruses

No argument here, malware target PCs because there is a bigger market for their devious programs. However, this could change in the future due to the growing popularity of Macs. Whilst PCs and Laptops are more prone to viruses, there are plenty of solutions in terms of anti-virus and malware apps that you can install and programs you can run to identify and delete viruses. For Macs, you don’t get the problem very often, however, the solution is much harder to come by.

PC repairs are cheaper and easier than Macs

More often than not, Mac repairs are more expensive than PC repairs. It is probably a function of supply and demand, with less computer repair companies such as ours being highly specialised in Mac repairs as well as desktop repairs. Thus, there are fewer Mac repair centres, and a larger fee can be changed.

Macs are easier to use than Windows counterparts

OS X is a more streamlined interface and for first-time computer users, Macs are generally easier to use.  The OS X dock makes programs easy to access, and the installation is far more intuitive than on a PC.

Desktop PCs are easier to upgrade

Generally, this is true as upgrading the hardware parts in Macs are difficult (hard disk drives and RAM excepted). For example, the newer releases of MacBook Pro and Air have soldered parts that you can’t change easily. On the other hand, you can even build Desktop PCs from scratch, using only the parts that you want and need. When it comes to upgrading PCs, there are many different ways that you can do so.

There are fewer games available for Macs

More games are available for PC platforms, however, more and more games are now being released for Macs through streaming.

There is a greater variety of choice in PCs Desktops and Notebooks

PCs have the one up on Macs in terms of choice and variety. PCs offer a wide variety of shapes and sizes, with up to 11 big-name brands wearing the Windows badge. Buyers often see this copious selection as a benefit, giving them a much greater chance of finding a computer to suit their exact needs. On the other hand, for the less technology-minded, the wider choice can just lead to greater confusion regarding their next purchase.


If you need some free advice on making your purchase decision, give us a call at Affordable Computer Repairs and Service on 3397 1215 or 0409 974 707 and we will discuss your needs with you and provide you with some recommendations. Remember too that we can build you a Desktop PC from scratch that is specific to your needs – at an affordable price using quality components.

Mac vs PC Debate