Laptops – Improvements for the Future

Laptop Improvements

Laptops are getting thinner, lighter, faster, more powerful and more convenient. The biggest changes are in the choice of processors, the means of user input and the types of storage. As wireless infrastructure grows, laptops are gaining wireless capabilities to match. Battery life, the main complaint about these mobile computers, is now reaching practical levels. There are signs of further improvements in battery life to occur in the future.

We now have skinny laptops of various types, such as super-thin models like the MacBook Air, to hybrids that with detachable screens that become tablets.

Mobile technology is evolving at a rapid pace, so what may we see in the future for laptops…

Battery Life

Extended battery life is needed to make laptops practical for users. Battery life is increasing all the time and the new Haswell chipset from Intel is certainly assisting this.

New laptops can offer a 9 to 12-hour battery life is. The challenge for the future is to increase battery life through battery technology to say a day or more days. This would greatly increase the popularity of laptops – allowing the user to leave the power adaptor at home when undertaking short business trips.  Continual worrying about finding an outlet for charging purposes would become a thing of the past. It would also make it possible to use these mobile computers at higher performance levels – without worrying about power settings.

Multiple Screens

Multiple screens would be a great bonus.  Users are now used to having multiple screens with their desktop and the same expectation for laptops is on the way.

At the moment laptop users needing a very visual display (such as real estate professionals) have to rely on giant laptops with huge screens or using an external monitor. Both of these options significantly reducing the main attraction of laptops being convenience and mobility.

There has been the option of special laptops that used two separate screens that unfolded out of the base. However, these laptops were very large and highly expensive. There is definitely scope for future improvements regarding multiple screens that are both affordable and portable.


It would be amazing if wireless technology could be lifted to a whole new level. While we currently have wireless connectivity in web connections and in peripherals like the mouse – how about wireless technology allowing a laptop to charge the battery. Also, how about wireless automatically turning on the desktop and connecting to the laptop, the mouse and the keyboard?

There have been attempts in the past, now with the evolution of technology maybe this could be possible in the future.

In Summary

There are currently a variety of styles of laptops to meet most of the needs of mobile business users.  Improvements in the future are likely to see these machines becoming more and more powerful, convenient and portable.

Laptops - Improvements for the Future

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