Increase the Battery Life of your Mouse

How to Increase the Battery Life of your Mouse

Not many people think about the need to prolong the life of your mouse, but it can be done quite easily as described in the article below.

Switch Off

If your mouse has an on-off switch turn it off when you are not going to use it for half an hour or longer.  Some of the newer mice do this automatically. If you are not likely to remember to turn off the mouse, you can change the default system shutdown sounds to a voice message that reminds you to turn off the mouse – and keyboard. To do this, you need to go to the control panel and find change system sounds. Then choose windows to log off and browse for your .wav file and set it as a default sound.


Simply move the mouse closer to the receiver when it is not in use, this will help increase the life of your mouse’s battery.


Whilst mice may go to sleep or standby mode when not being used, they will wake up when they move so it is best to turn your mouse off when you are travelling to save power.


When replacing the batteries in your mouse, use alkaline batteries as other types including rechargeable batteries do not last as long. We also recommend that you replace both batteries at the same time and don’t mix battery brands.


Do not use your mouse on a glass or dark surface – use a light-coloured mouse pad. Glass and dark surfaces cause the tracking sensor to use more power.

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Increase the Battery Life of your Mouse
Increase the Battery Life of your Mouse