How to remove the Federal Police Virus

The Federal Police Virus

The Federal Police Virus is a particularly malicious virus which freezes your screen preventing you from using your computer.

How to remove the Federal Police Virus

The only way that we can now remove this infection is to take your hard disk out of your computer and put it in a second machine so that we can run the needed anti-virus removal software.

When the Federal Police Virus first appeared, we were able to remove this malware by running antivirus software on your machine – now it has evolved and this is no longer possible.

It takes us several hours to run all the necessary software to ensure that your machine no longer has this and any other viruses/spyware etc on your computer. For this reason, the job is best done at our workshop in Coorparoo. With your approval, we will also load two anti-virus software programs onto your PC or Laptop which we strongly suggest that you use frequently to help keep your computer free of malware.

We have experience in removing the Australian Federal Police Virus are able to do so with no loss of data from your computer. We charge a fixed fee of $190 to remove this insidious virus from your machine.

If you would like our help, please call 3397 1215 or 0409 974 707 and we will return a fully functional computer to you.

Please do not pay the ransom, it will not unfreeze your computer.  Do not blame yourself or your family for picking up this virus, it is able to bypass many different anti-virus software programs.


how to remove the federal police virus