How to Recover Data From A Corrupt SD Card

Recovering Data From A Corrupt SD Card

This article from Computer Repairs Brisbane is about how to recover data from a corrupt SD card – that is a Secure Digital Card. However, the same software and techniques can be used for all the different types of cards, such as:

Compact Flash (CF)
MiniSD Card
MicroSD Card
Multimedia Card (MMC)
xD-Picture Card
Sony Memory Sticks
USB drives/thumb drives etc

Many of these cards are very useful but they are quite fragile and don’t like being mistreated. Many of the above cards can also be used in Smart Phones and Digital Cameras so will probably contain your most treasured photos or data. I will use the word data from now on to include pictures, documents, music, videos etc.

Troubleshooting – How to Recover Data From A Corrupt SD Card

The first step in how to recover data from a corrupt SD card is what you must actually not to do, that being to format a card if it gets corrupted. Formatting will definitely destroy your data and usually any chance you may have had in recovering what you want.

Use Another Card Reader

Another way to recover data from a corrupt SD card is to try another card reader in another computer to see if that locates your data. If that works and it can often do, then copy your data off there and then. Don’t wait, copy it now, it may be the best chance you will get.

Use an Apple Mac

If another card reader in another computer doesn’t work then try using an Apple computer such as a MacBook laptop or iMac if you know someone who has one. I have had success in reading cards/USB sticks by using a Mac. With a different Operating System on a Mac, it is worth giving it a go.

Try A Free Data Recovery Program

Another way to recover data from a corrupt SD card is to try one of the free data recovery programs on the Internet. Most will recover a set amount of data – such as 1GB.

If you need more recovered, then purchasing the program will be your next step, especially if the program worked and you did recover at least some data.

A good start is EaseUS Free Data Recovery. It’s popular and works well, generally. Follow the guidelines on installing the software and the help sections on how to recover your data. They all differ so I will not try to confuse you with step-by-step instructions.

At this stage, you then need to insert the SD card (or any mentioned above) and start the recovery program pointing it at the card you need data recovered from. It will go to work and present “This can sometimes take quite a while so be patient”.

Also at some stage, you will be asked where the destination for the recovered files will be, so create a directory on your computer to save the data to.

Last Resort Data Recovery Company

If all the above does not produce a result that you want then the next step will be a professional data recovery company. There are at least two in Brisbane: Kroll Ontrack and Payam, their addresses and telephone numbers are easily found on the Internet by Googling those 2 names. I would ring the company first and discuss your requirements and issues for them to be able to give you their best advice.

Affordable Computer Repairs and Service

We offer a data recovery service in Brisbane if you need help.

We will use many of the troubleshooting methods above and some more. If you have had difficulty with trying the troubleshooting methods in this article on how to recover data from a corrupt SD card you may want to give us a call on 3397 1215 or 0409 974 707.

We are a great deal cheaper than the two data recovery companies listed above, however, we cannot always guarantee data recovery as we do not have the clean rooms and equipment of a data recovery laboratory. However, for the cost of only $75, we will let you know if we can recover your data.

If we can then this fee won’t be charged, just the data recovery fee. However, we do charge $75 if we have spent time trying to recover your data and are unsuccessful.

how to recover data from a corrupt sd card

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