Q. How do I Install a Fan in my Computer?

How do I Install a Fan in my Computer?

A layman can install a fan in a computer, however, we recommend that this task is undertaken by an experienced repairer to avoid any costly mistakes.  You can always call us at Affordable Computer Repairs and Service to install a fan in your computer for you – we would charge you $145 for the labour and then the cost of the fan.

Why is a Working Fan important?

A working computer processor fan is important for the efficient and effective use of your machine. A processor fan plays a critical role in keeping the various components of the PC or laptop cool when the computer is running. An overloaded or overheated fan can result in damage to other computer components. So, if you get any symptoms that lead you to think that the fan is failing, you need to check it out quickly or take the machine to a reputable computer repair business.

If you decide to try to install a new fan yourself the first step is to purchase a fan that correctly meets your system requirements. On the fan, you will find the model number which will help you identify the correct fan to buy.

Removing the Old Fan

Step one involves disconnecting all sources of power from your machine – also take away any connection to supporting equipment like keyboards, mice or monitors. Please take note it is very dangerous to work on a live computer and all the power supply connections need to be disconnected.

Next, using a Phillips screwdriver, remove the hard computer cover from the machine.

Now to the fan, using a Phillips screwdriver again, unscrew the existing fan and take it out of the computer. Put these tiny screws somewhere safe as you will need them again.

Disconnect the faulty fan by removing the power-supply cord from the pin port.

Carefully remove the faulty fan.

Installing the New Fan

Next, plug the power cord from the replacement fan back into the pin port where the old fan had been plugged in.

Once you are sure it is in the right place screw back in the screws that you carefully set aside. Once you have done this, make sure that the fan is secure and can’t move.

Now it’s time to reconnect the power supply and all other equipment cables. Then boot up the computer and make sure that the fan is fully functional – that it is rotating and drawing in cool air.

Replace the computer cover (this usually slides in and out) and with the Phillips head screwdriver screw the screws in to make it secure. Power up your machine and keep your fingers crossed!

Affordable Computer Repairs and Service

If you have followed the steps above and your new fan is not working, it might be time to bring your computer in to our workshop in Coorparoo. Please call first on 3397 1215 or 0409 974 707.


how do i install a fan in my computer

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