What is the Federal Police Virus?

What is the Federal Police Ukash Virus?

We have had several jobs in the last week and many in the last month removing the Federal Police Ukash Virus. And this malicious virus is getting cleverer all the time. 

We can remove this virus from your computer for a fixed fee of $190.  Call us on 3397 1215 or 0409 974 707 – 6 days a week, 8 am to 6 pm. To date, none of our customers have lost any data, files or photographs when we have removed this virus. We have also had had a 100% success rate in removing this virus.

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) Ukash Ransom displays a bogus notification. The notification pretends to be from the Australian police and states that your computer has been blocked. Supposedly, you have been involved with the distribution of pornographic material, SPAM and copyrighted content.  The virus locks your computer and asks you to pay a $100 fine for your “illegal activities”. The warnings state that you will be incarcerated if you don’t pay the fine!


Paying the fine will not unlock your computer. The Federal Police Ukash Virus is a scam used by cybercriminals for money extortion.

The virus also can access your installed webcam. This allows the virus to show what is happening in the room.  And this just makes the virus appear more authentic – which it is not.

If your computer is infected with the Federal Police virus, then your screen looks similar to the image below.

What is the Federal Ukask Virus?

How Did you Get Australian Federal Police Virus Scam?

There are many ways whereby the virus can infect your computer.

  1. Spam email attachments.
  2. Browsing Malicious webpages. This occurs when you browsing webpages that contain various insidious agents. These agents enter the computer and make various changes in the system settings. These include the browser settings and Windows Registry settings.
  3. Peer to peer file sharing over a connected network. Sharing various kinds of files such as freeware, documents, video or audio files can result in the Ukash Virus.
  4. Outdated security programs. You need to regularly update your anti-virus programs.
  5. Downloading freeware or other data from untrusted links. The Australian Police Virus, as well as most of the malware infections, are caused due to downloading various data. Most common being movies, ebooks, documents, music files, etc from the links or webpages which are completely or partially untrusted. Often fee downloads are the problem.

What happens after your computer gets infected with Federal Police Virus?

Once installed, the Australian Federal Police Virus will start automatically when you start Windows.  Once started, the Virus program will perform a scan and list a variety of legitimate or nonexistent files as infections. The Australian Federal Police Virus will try to intimidate you by flooding your machine with pop-ups and fake system notifications. The virus parasite will provide falsified system scan reports. This malicious virus will then execute a “scan” of your computer. This supposed “scan” will result in your computer is heavily infected by malware and spyware. It is critical to remove Australian Federal Police Ukash Virus and all its components.

Australian Federal Police Ukash Virus

The danger of not removing Federal Police Virus infection as early as possible

This infection will change your registry settings and other important windows system files. If the Ukash ransomware is not removed, it can cause a complete computer crash. Some ransomware infections contain trojan and keyloggers. These can be used to steal sensitive data like passwords, credit card, bank account information etc. It is very important to remove the Ukash ransomware as early as possible.

The Australian Federal Police Ukash ransomware may keep adding malicious codes into the infected PC or Laptop. Once added, they can then execute them to make your computer more vulnerable to the virus. These malicious codes may also disable the firewall and antivirus programs.

Australian Federal Police Ukash ransomware is like having a big mine planted in your PC. To avoid other damages to your system and protect your precious data, files and photos, the virus needs to be removed immediately.

Research has shown that Australian Federal Police Virus may also have the ability to make your computer vulnerable to other remote attacks. This could result in:

  1. initially, the loss of money (if you pay the fine),
  2. possibly identity theft, and,
  3. eventually, a painstaking Australian Federal Police Virus removal process.

The bad news, if you have this infection is that it blocks virus removal tools and system utilities, such as Task Manager. Others can even change your desktop wallpaper. If you click on any desktop icon you’ll get a message that the program is infected. The message also says you should buy the Federal Police Virus program to get rid of those infections. Please don’t trust or buy the Australian Federal Police Virus program. It’s just a scam program.

Federal Police Ukash Virus Removal

We at Affordable Computer Repairs and Service have had a 100% success rate removing this virus. To date, as noted above, none of our customers have lost any data, files, treasured photos, etc when we have removed the Federal Police Virus Ukash from their computer.

Please phone us on 3397 1215 or 0409 974 707, six days a week (Monday to Saturday) and we will remove this virus and return your computer to you the way it was before it became infected. There is a fixed fee of $190 to remove this virus. Please feel free to check with our competitors to find out that this is a very affordable rate. It takes us several hours to run not one but two virus scans, remove the virus and add protection to your machine.

Furthermore, the Virus Ukash has become increasingly difficult to remove as it has evolved and become increasingly clever. We now have to take the hard drive out of your computer, put it into another machine and then run the scans.

Like any virus, the sooner you remove it the less damage it can do. Urgent expert removal is required as this virus freezes screens.

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