Computer Repairs Wynnum

We believe that there is a shortage of good, affordable computer repair services in Wynnum as we have many Wynnum residents and businesses bringing their computer problems to us in Coorparoo.

Affordable Computer Repairs provide expert repairs at competitive rates with a high level of professionalism and as a result have customers coming to us from all around Brisbane, northside and southside and the bayside suburbs.

Our customer reviews are our best-selling tool and we have built and continue to build our business based on satisfied customers – satisfied with the rates and charges as well as the level of expertise and experience we have in PC, Laptop and Mac repairs and IT Services.


$125 an hour repair fee – parts are additional cost if required – we always ensure that we obtain permission from you before taking the step of purchasing replacement parts for your computer.

There is no minimum one hour charge and if your problem is resolved quickly, you only pay for the time taken to resolve it.

Most repairs and IT issues are fixed within an hour or two.  Our labour fees are capped at three hours.

As part of our service we keep you informed throughout the work that we do so that you will never have the situation where you are presented with a high bill with no explanation thereof.

Phone Affordable Computer Repairs and Service on 33971215 or fill in the form below and we will contact you.

Computer Repairs and IT Services

We offer a full range of repairs and IT services, these are detailed on our Services tab, for quick reading we have listed the most common issues that our clients face being:-

  • Computer won’t boot
  • Machine infected by malware
  • Screen frozen
  • Lines running across the screen
  • Data recovery
  • Internet difficulties
  • Software problems
  • Removing faulty hardware parts and installing guaranteed replacements


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Computer Repairs Wynnum – Bring your computer to us in Coorparoo

Computer Repairs Wynnum

Computer Repairs Wynnum



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